Nine Things You Should Know if You Want to Be a Self-Published Author

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Nine Things You Should Know if You Want to Be a Self-Published Author

There is more to being a successful self-published author than just writing. If you are just starting I suggest you have a look at all the departments we have in our Author Academy from:
1.    eBook Planning
2.    eBook Writing
3.    eBook Marketing
4.    Building your author platform
5.    How to sell more eBooks
6.    Building an author website or blog
And many more….

This will give you an idea that if you wish to self-publish an eBook you must be prepared to take on more than just writing. Below are ‘Nine Things You Should Know if You Want to Be a Self-Published Author.’ This will help you to prepare for self-publishing your eBook and reduce the ‘mistakes’ or ‘surprises’ you may otherwise get.

Nine Things You Should Know if You Want to Be a Self-Published Author

1. Writing an eBook Requires Dedication and Commitment
Overall, you should enjoy the process of writing an eBook. But is has its difficult moments as you experience periods of writers block or question just how good your eBook will be.

Writing and constructing an eBook is not easy when you have never done it before. You must devote and dedicate time to writing on a regular basis and make a personal commitment to finishing your eBook on time.

2. Not All the Feedback or Reviews You Receive Will be Good
We all have feelings and we want everyone to enjoy reading our eBooks. If you are a sensitive soul you will want to prepare yourself in advance and well before you even publish for the possible ‘negative’ reviews your eBook may receive.

While you will likely take these reviews to heart, you must not let them impact on your writing. Even the most popular authors receive less than glowing reviews. If you find yourself receiving more negative reviews than good ones, then you will need to source feedback as to why your eBook is receiving such reviews. Use these reviews to improve on your writing.

3. Your Story Must be Unique, Interesting and Compelling
If you want to stand-out form the crowd you must write an eBook that stands out and capture’s your audience’s attention because it is unique, compelling, exciting and interesting. Your eBook must offer the reader something different. Your story and plot must be powerful. Your characters must be intriguing and unique.

4. You Must Become a Student of Self-Publishing
You were not born with the knowledge on how to self-publish your eBook. You have to study and learn each and every component that goes into becoming a successful author. as a member of you are in good hands and I hope that you are benefiting from the tips and advice we provide.

5. Your First eBook Will Probably Not Become a Best-seller
I spent quite a lot of time studying the best-selling authors from all genres. What I found that was an eye-opener was that the majority of these authors achieved success with their second, third or even ninth eBook. Rarely, did an author become a best-selling author with their first eBook. The more you write the better you will get.

The more you learn about marketing and promotion the greater the visibility your eBooks will get. You must look at your first eBook as just a first step to becoming a best-selling author.

6. Self-publishing is an Affordable Option
You can self-publish an eBook for $0. Although I recommend you invest some money on producing a professional cover or an experienced editor, you do not have to go broke by spending a lot of money. Steer clear from those service providers telling you must spend thousands of dollars for their services.

Writing takes up your valuable time. Marketing and promoting can be done by using the free tools we have listed in our eBook Marketing Department. Uploading your eBook to Amazon KDP is free.

7. You Cannot Review and Edit Your Own eBook with 100% Success
As much as you believe you can do it all, it is highly recommended that you get an independent person to review and edit your eBook. Don’t wait until you have finished writing to ask for help. Your eBook will go through constant revision as you write.

8. Don’t Change a Winning Game Plan
If you are experiencing success with your writing style then don’t try to change it or write like another author. You can always ‘tweak’ certain aspects but if what you are doing is working don’t change it!

How often do you watch a TV series and thoroughly enjoy it for one season and then the next season it is completely different and you lose interest. If your eBook marketing campaign is working keep doing what you are doing. If you are building a significant following on twitter then keep doing what you are doing! The authors who continue to write best-selling eBooks do so because they stick to what they know.

9. Don’t Give Up Too Early
If you do not experience immediate success then it is vital that you do not throw in the towel too early. I cannot stress enough just how many best-selling authors failed with their first eBook. Go back and look at how you can improve on your eBook.

Maybe you require a more compelling title, attention-grabbing cover, some professional editing or maybe it is as simple that your price is too high for an unknown first-time author.