15 Tips of Experience for Non-fiction eBook Authors

Stand Out from the Self Publishing Crowd

Non-fiction eBook Authors

There is a huge market for non-fiction eBooks. AND what I want all non-fiction eBook authors to know is that people want answers to questions and if they can find those answers in your eBook then they will buy it!

There are experienced authors who have made a lot of money by sharing their knowledge and experience. There are, however, some key points as to why they succeeded as authors.

Non-fiction eBook Success – Consider the following:

1.     Find a niche topic that is expanding and growing with a huge market following.

2.     Write and publish a quality eBook that gives your audience the information they want and delivers on a big promise.

3.     Create a platform to sell your eBook that will convert prospects into buying customers.

4.     Distribute your eBook to as many of the top eBook stores as possible.

5.     Utilise the marketing techniques listed in our Academy to reach your target market and bring your customers to you.

6.     Leverage the power of the internet to create a team of people who will sell your eBook for you.

7.     Learn to write a headline that will grab your reader’s attention and force them to continue reading!

8.     Tell the reader how you can solve their problem and satisfy their needs and wants in a powerful action evoking sales page!

9.     Tell the reader why your eBook is different from the other eBooks out there on the market.

10.  List the major benefits of your eBook focusing on those that are unique and that will back up your promise!

11.  Provide an offer that is so compelling that your customer feels like they just have to buy your eBook otherwise they will miss out on some life changing information.

12.  Make the process of buying your eBook as easy as possible for your customer.

13.  Build a list of your customers who will buy again from you in the future.

14.  Establish yourself as an expert and authoritative figure for your niche topic.

15.  Test and review all processes and be willing to adapt to the ever changing environment of the online world!