Why Building Your Network of Experts is a Must for Obtaining eBook Testimonials

eBook Testimonials

One of the main points that I try to get across to authors in my ‘How to Sell More eBooks – Self-Publishing Success’ eBook is that you must start your marketing campaign well before you finish your eBook. And one key component of your pre-publication campaign is to build your network of experts and to obtain testimonials for your eBook.

One big mistake made by first-time authors is to wait until their eBook is finished before they seek out experts to write a testimonial. This only delays the publication of your eBook which results in a loss of sales as well as frustration.

Thanks to the power of the internet it has become much easier to find, make contact and communicate with other highly visible experts in your field.

Why would authors of competing eBooks want to endorse your eBook?
All of the top online marketers understand the importance of getting their name out there as much as possible. And they know that if they can get their name on a competitor’s eBook or site then they will also receive additional visibility within their target market. This additional visibility comes in the form of establishing their reputation as an expert with the field. Therefore, readers will seek out or ‘Google’ that person’s name.

There is also that component I often speak about in ‘give to receive’ and in his case authors should strive to assist fellow authors when it comes to their eBooks.

Authors should always read the entire eBook before writing a testimonial. The last thing an author wants is to have their name associated with or endorse an eBook that is of sub par quality.

As your reputation grows within your field you will network and build a list of ‘ready to go’ experts you can call upon for a testimonial. If however, you are approaching an expert for the first time then you will need to construct an appropriate letter and do a little more work.

So, start building your network of experts as soon as you can in order to have a list of fellow experts to help you out.

Not only may they write a testimonial for you they may also:

1. Allow you to interview them
The expert may allow you to interview them for your eBook, blog or website. When you include an interview from a fellow expert in your non-fiction eBook, you can often break-up the monotony of text.

2. Help you meet fellow experts
Once you establish a relationship with one expert then you will find that your name starts to get passed around to fellow authors and experts. This way you continue to build your network as well as open up additional opportunities for you to speak, endorse someone else’s eBook or be interviewed for their blog.

You might be able to interview the expert for your book, and the expert might recommend others who might provide additional information or testimonials.

3. Write your Foreword
If the expert likes what they read, they might be willing to write the foreword for your eBook.

As you can see by requesting a testimonial from an expert may open up many more opportunities for you. It’s all about getting started and then keeping the momentum going by helping out others.

In order to achieve success you need to target the right experts, make the initial contact and to follow up and track all leads and opportunities.

Step 1: Do your research and only target the right experts
Your first important step is to identify the most influential as well as the most relevant experts within your field. Once I have completed this list I will then rank them in order of preference. I will start by contacting the first name on my list who will often be the person who is already well established in my field and is also an author themselves.

You will need to record their name, email address, their book or eBook titles, website address and why you contacted them.

Some others you can contact include:

  • Bloggers
  • Business owners
  • Book authors
  • Media personalities

As long as they have a strong standing in your field and have a strong reputation then you can consider them to be a part of your network.

Step 2: making that first initial contact with an expert
Many experts are inundated with requests so you need to make sure your email stands out and you must produce a quality subject line in your email that will force the expert to open up your email.

The primary goal of your initial communication is to get them o take a look at your eBook so don’t be pushy in asking for a testimonial or recommendation too early. We have included sample email letters for contacting people so be sure to check out these resources in our ‘Resources Directory.’

Before contacting the person, be sure that you are familiar with their work, blog or websites.

You can meet experts via:

  • Blogs
  • Attending one of their speaking engagements and approaching them afterwards
  • Via their website
  • In a forum
  • Via the comments section on their blog
  • Contacting them directly via their website
  • A social media site
  • Participating in one of their online tele-seminars
  • Attending one of their workshops

In your initial communication you will want to be professional, concise and polite as you explain why you’re contacting them. If you have properly completed your research you will be able to reference their eBook, blog, or speech and then describe how it’s of relevance to your eBook.

You should keep your email short and conclude by asking their permission to send them more information about your eBook. If they do accept to review your eBook then send it immediately.

Step 3: Follow-up and track the results
As previously mentioned these experts are busy people and tend to receive a lot of requests. Therefore, give it some time to receive a response before feeling that they have just rejected your request. If you have still not heard from them send another email a week later.

You need to persist in order to get a response but also know when to move on to the next person on your list. If I find working with someone to be too hard then I tend to avoid partnering with them.

Final Tip: The better known the expert and the greater the influence they have in your field, the more credibility their testimonial will add to your eBook!