How to Optimize YouTube Videos to Capture Your Viewer’s Attention

How to Optimize YouTube Videos to Capture Your Viewer’s Attention

There are a few simple steps you can take to make sure your videos are SEO optimized. Neglecting these basic yet very important elements of uploading a video to YouTube can ruin the chances of your video being found immediately. A little preparation can go a long way in giving your video a fighting chance to be seen by your readers.

Step 1. Optimize Your Title and Description
When you upload your video you have to write a compelling headline. Do your research and identify the ‘key words’ that will capture the attention of your target audience. Select the best keywords to use in your title.

When you upload your video you will be prompted to add a title and description for your video. You should have already put some thought into what you will write.

n fact, you should just copy and paste this text from a document.  When people type into YouTube’s search tool what type of video they want you want your video to be listed because the key words in your title match their search query.

You can use Google’s keyword tool to find the most effective keyword or keyword phrase for your video

Step 2. Thumbnail Image
Carefully select a thumbnail image. Your viewers will see this thumbnail image in YouTube’s search results as well as on your channel page. YouTube will automatically ‘grab’ or ‘pull’ three images from different points in your video.  You will be asked to decide which image will attract the most clicks.

Step 3. Select Keyword Rich Tags
Along with a title and description you will need to add some tags. A tag is just another name for a keyword and will help to tell viewers what your video is about.

It will also provide information to YouTube and help them know what your video is about. These tags should be single word or a phrase that customers might use in search queries on YouTube.

These three steps may seem obvious. For some reason some authors I have spoken to do not want to put in the time and effort to make sure they produce a key word rich title, description or choose an image that grabs the viewer’s attention.

They are also the authors who do not enjoy the marketing and promotion side of self-publishing. They just want to write. I can understand this.

Unfortunately, as a self-published author you must take all these tips on board and action them. If you fall into this category you may want to consider outsourcing your marketing.