Would You Pay $22 for an eBook on the Best-seller List?

Would You Pay $22 for an eBook on the Best-seller List?

I would! Especially if it made the difference in helping me to achieve the success I wanted in selling more eBooks, solving a problem, improving my health, making more money or helping me to achieve a specific goal.

The problem for most authors is that the must price their eBook to market. That is, you must know what your target audience is willing to pay for an eBook based on existing eBooks.

The way to charge more for your eBook is to become the authoritative figure in your niche. Become the expert and people will be willing to pay a higher price.

Readers will determine what they will want to pay for an eBook. In a country such as Australia, it is not uncommon to pay in excess of $30 for a best-seller in print.

What about Fiction eBooks?

The price for the Best-selling fiction eBooks are also on the rise. And that’s time to celebrate for the authors who will profit from their writing.

So it is likely that there is becoming more acceptance that the eBook is just the medium for which we now read. The days of talk where eBooks should be priced below $3 are well and truly gone. That is unless you are a new author pricing your eBook at a low price to get your name noticed in a busy world of self-published authors.

This week, several best-seller lists are making note that David Baldacci’s ‘The Target’ is at No. 1 on the eBook best-seller list and is selling for $12.74.

What has also been reported is that an eBook by author Thomas Piketty titled ‘Capital in the Twenty-First Century’ is on the best-seller list.  What is interesting here is that Piketty’s eBook is non-fiction. What is more interesting is that it is selling for $21.99.

As we know, it is rare for a non-fiction eBook to hit the best-seller lists and we also know that readers are prepared to pay more for a non-fiction eBook.

Recent best-sellers, the Divergent series and The Fixed Trilogy are still in the top 10.