The 5 Pillars To Selling More eBooks Don’t Involve Selling!

Selling More eBooks Don’t Involve Selling!

Although the title of this post may be a little confusing, it makes the point that the way authors and publishers sell more eBooks in today’s online world is not through cold call sales pitches, but through carefully crafted messages to engage, connect and build a relationship with their audience.

In other words you must build a relationship with your target audience before you can expect to sell more eBooks!

Instant success and becoming a best-selling author overnight is not the way it works despite what some ‘so-called’ experts want to you to believe in order to buy their ‘secrets’ to success. Writing and creating best-selling eBooks take time, so plan for the long haul.

The five pillars to selling more eBooks as outlined below are a snapshot of what your strategy should be built around. In the ever-changing and evolving world of selling eBooks online; independent authors now have the same tools and opportunities available as the legacy publishers.

While many will state that the publishers still have the ultimate power, this is diminishing as online retailers such as Amazon do all they can to assist the independent author to publish their eBook.

The ‘Non-negotiables’ to Selling More eBooks are:
1.    Write a great eBook
2.    Build your author platform
3.    Build your author brand
4.    Build a relationship with your audience
5.    Never stop marketing and promoting your eBook

1.    Write a Great eBook
It all starts with a great eBook. You will never achieve best-seller status if the quality of your eBook is below standard. When reviewing eBooks from independent authors who are confused as to why they cannot sell their eBooks, the first box to tick is whether or not their eBook delivers on what it promises. Does it:

  • Answer the reader’s question
  • Solve their problem
  • Provide them with entertainment
  • Provide them with a unique story
  • Make them feel happy

No matter how good your eBook marketing campaign is, if your eBook is not up to standard then word will quickly spread through reading communities, social media, reviews and forums that your eBook is not worth reading. So, your first and most important goal is to write an eBook that has the potential to become a best-seller.

Quality eBooks start with:

  • Professional editing
  • Proof-reading
  • Unique storyline or plot
  • Compelling characters
  • Relatable and believable characters
  • Vivid settings
  • Attention-grabbing title
  • Several draft reviews
  • A great professional cover
  • Accurate facts and statistics

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2.    Build Your Author Platform
Building your author platform is so vital to your success that we have dedicated an entire department to this topic. Some will say that you do not need an author platform. I have yet to meet a best-selling author that does not have one!

An author platform is often defined in many ways, but essentially it is how your readers will find and connect with you and it is your ‘piece of internet real-estate’ that provides you with a platform to be heard.

3.    Build Your Author Brand
Independent authors are more than just great writers! You must build your author name and reputation and turn it into a powerful brand so that when your readers see your name they immediately associate it with quality and trust. You must stay focused on one genre and not try to be the master of many.

This was a mistake I made early on as I tried to write eBooks (fiction and non-fiction) across multiple categories and it only confused my audience. Tip – if you do write across multiple categories (e.g. JK Rowling) then you may consider using a pen name).

The best-selling independent authors build careers from writing. They are the author of multiple best-selling eBooks. They carve out their own niche and have successful blogs, websites and social media accounts. They are public speakers and they are entrepreneurs.

When building your brand you must:

  • Know who your audience is.
  • Own your platform (author blog, website)
  • Establish trust
  • Be unique and be yourself
  • Have clear goals

4.    Build a Relationship with Your Audience
Readers buy eBooks on the internet, not in bookstores. So if you want to sell more eBooks, you have to build relationships with your audience online and in the places they choose to hang out.

Which of the Following Two Options are You More Likely to Pursue?
1. An unknown author sending you a message on Twitter asking you to buy their eBook. Or;

2. An unknown author who provides you with quality, informative, entertaining content (article, video, audio) that piques your interest and grabs your attention.

I know that on a daily basis I will receive, through various forums (email, Twitter, Facebook), at least 10 or more requests from unknown authors for me to go and buy their eBook. This tells me that these authors do not know how to sell eBooks. They do not know that eBook marketing is not about bombarding people with sales pitches.

I find this often becomes overwhelming and I immediately go for the delete button. Besides, many of the eBooks are in genres that I have little interest in.

It is essential you build a relationship with your audience before you start to hit them up with ‘Buy My eBook’ messages.

You can build a relationship with your audience in a number of ways:
1. First, establish a connection by giving them something (advice, help, free chapters, articles, and video).

2. Build that relationship through engaging them in conversation about your mutual topic of interest.

3. Build trust

4. Show interest in them. Don’t just post an item and then forget to interact with respondents.

5. Nurture your relationship.

6.  Never Stop Marketing and Promoting Your eBook!
The day you stop promoting your eBook and engaging your audience is the day you start to fade into obscurity as an author.

The best-selling authors are prolific writers and have published numerous eBooks. These authors always have a new eBook to promote and they look forward to the publication of their next eBook. They enjoy writing and the sense of achievement that comes along with each new eBook published.

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Selling eBooks Takes Time!
If you expect overnight success, then you are setting yourself up for failure and a huge let down. If you tick all the boxes to writing a best-seller and plan to follow-through with your eBook marketing campaign then you will start to see a return on your investment. Continue to build and nurture relationships with your readers. Be targeted in who you try to connect with.

When you read the success stories of best-selling independent authors Hugh Howey and Amanda Hocking you will quickly find out that they did not experience immediate success. When they were discovered they made a big impact in a short period of time but they put in a lot of hard work to get there.