How to Plan Your eBook Trailer

How to Plan Your eBook Trailer

In order to produce a quality video or eBook trailer you will need to do some research and planning first before starting to create your video. This article will help you identify the key components to producing a video.

To produce a full-length trailer of movie quality you will need to take it to the next level with regards to film, music and voice overs.

1. Research eBook and Book trailers on YouTube. Begin by searching for trailers in your genre or category and take notes on the video. Decide what you like and don’t like and how you can create a great video for your eBook.

Your plan should begin with a script for your trailer. This plan will help for you to follow a process in organizing your video and obtaining all of the key components prior to filming.

2. Images. Source appropriate images, photos and graphics for your video. You can buy them very cheaply from, or by searching ‘Royalty free photos’ on Google.

Once you have the images you will need to edit them and plan the order for which they will appear in your video. Most software programs have a simple drag and drop feature for you to do this.

3. Add text – you will be able to add text before, on top of or after each photo. You will also be able to select the text style and colour.

4. Source music – you will want to plan the right type of music for your trailer. This is where your research into already published videos will help give you an idea of what is appropriate for your genre and what actually works. Check out or you can search ‘royalty free music’ in Google.

5. Embed links – Remember to embed links within your video that lead to your own blog, author website and social networking sites. The primary goal of your trailer is to induce emotion and excitement for your eBook and have ‘ready to click’ link that will lead to your desired landing page.

6. Length of trailer – eBook trailers are generally short in length. They are often less than 90 seconds and are power packed with music, images, clips and text to generate excitement for your eBook.

There are some great trailers that go up to 3 minutes but anything beyond that will be pushing the viewer’s patience and interest level.

7. Identify your tags – before uploading your video you will want to identify the key word rich tags for your video. Search Google for their ‘Google Keyword tool’ and you can use this free tool to see what people are searching for each month with regards to key words within your niche category.

Now you are ready to upload your video – once you are happy with your video and have signed off on all key components then start by uploading your video to YouTube.

Keep in mind the benefits of eBook trailers and video to promote your eBook. Just a review:

  • Video allows you to reach a new audience.
  • The popularity of video increases daily.
  • Videos are more frequently being used to sell products!
  • Your video will drive high value traffic to your author website.
  • Your video could go viral!
  • Google loves video!

eBook Trailers are powerful tools for promotion. Remember that most people ‘Buy on emotion’ so a powerful and exciting video will create that buzz for your eBook.