A Guide to Planning Your Author Website

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A Guide to Planning Your Author Website

A Step-by-step Guide to Planning, Designing and Building Your Author Website

Worksheet Goals:

1. Plan your author website so it best represents you, your eBook and engages your fans.

2. Identify the service providers you will need (domain registration, hosting, graphic designers)

3. Identify the software, shopping carts, plugins or content management system you will need.

4. Build a website that engages and connects with your ideal readers.

5. Identify additional revenue generating opportunities.

6. Design a website that will last for years.

7. Design a website that is optimised so that it can be found!

8. Identify what pages you will need on your website.

9. Design a website that helps you achieve your goals as an author.

10. Establish a realistic timeline from planning your website to going live.

* Print worksheet and complete.

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