Self-Published Authors – Pre-order eBooks in Kindle Stores

Self-Published Authors – Pre-order eBooks in Kindle Stores

Amazon now provides the opportunity for self-published to utilize the ‘pre-order’ feature through Kindle Direct Publishing. This is another step forward for self-published authors as the opportunity to sell eBook ‘pre-publication’ is a powerful marketing and selling tool. Many of the best-selling authors generate immediate revenue from sales as soon as they eBook is published thanks to pre-orders.

How Does it Work?

  • Customers can order your eBook up to 90 days before the publication date.
  • Customers can pre-order your eBook and it will be delivered to them once published.

Advantages to the Author?
Any experienced and successful author will tell you that your eBook marketing and promotion campaign starts well before your eBook has been published. One of the advantages of pre-orders is that you can use this feature to promote your eBook, generate excitement, anticipation and awareness. Instead of just talking about your eBook you can lead your customers towards the ‘pre-order’ page which will help to generate sales.

Any pre-orders you receive will contribute toward sales rank on the Kindle Store before your eBook is released which assist in ‘eBook discoverability’ as you receive a more favorable ranking.

Any Requirements?
You will be required to upload the final version (or draft) at least 10 days prior to going on sale so Amazon can ensure your eBook meets their required standards and does not violate any Program Policies.

Should You Make Your New eBook Available for Pre-order?
While the benefits and advantages sound convincing enough, every author must decide if this is to their advantage after reading all the terms and conditions. You must also work this ‘pre-order’ option into your pre-publication eBook marketing campaign otherwise you will not generate any pre-orders by sitting back and hoping readers find your soon to be released eBook.