8 Tips to Help You Prepare for Your First Author Interview

8 Tips to Help You Prepare for Your First Author Interview

Have you just landed an opportunity to be interviewed by a leading media outlet? That’s fantastic news as this could be a great way to reach a large audience. If you are preparing for a media interview then you are on your way to establishing yourself as an expert and building your author brand.

You have successfully promoted yourself to the media outlet that has provided you with an opportunity to be interviewed and now you must be prepared to give the best possible interview to ensure that you are asked back again and again in the future. And if you can produce a great interview then there are likely to be other media sources who will also invite you to be interviewed for their website, blog or paper.

The tips below will provide you with some key points to help get you started in preparing for your interview. They are directed at helping you to present yourself as an expert that can deliver with a confident voice of experience. If you prepare for all possible outcomes then you will be less likely to be surprised and less likely to try and search for answers when on the spot.

Proven Strategies to Help You Prepare For Your Upcoming Author Interview:

1.    Know Your Audience
This is essential so you can get a feel for the tone, language and humour you can and cannot use in your answers. Do your research on the average age of the listeners, where they live, any specific religious backgrounds, education levels and so on.

2.    Know Your Key Points
Identify and study the top 5 key points that you would like to get across during your interview. You may not get the opportunity to mention all five but you will recognise an opening in your conversation to be able to work them into your answers.

3.    Use Real Life Experiences
People tend to listen better and also relate better when someone is talking about a real life experience or situation to get a point across.

4.    Get in the Mind of Your Interviewer
Some interviewers will provide you with a list of possible questions they may ask where others won’t assist you at all. Therefore, you will need to do some research on the person interviewing you to see what line of questioning they tend to use for an interview. You need to be able to anticipate what questions will be asked of you so that you have an idea of how you will answer that question and also have facts ready to use to back up what you are saying.

5.    Know Your Resources
If you are going to provide facts or information based on research then you must know your source and be prepared to quote that source if the interviewer asks you where you are getting your information from. You will look very unprofessional very quickly if you cannot back up your facts! If you respond by saying “research shows” then be prepared to answer “what research are you quoting?”

6.    Keep Your Answers Simple and Short
A long winder answer will often annoy, confuse, bore and distract the listener from your true message. So answer questions with a simple and short response.

7.    Practise Your Interviews
You can practise answers to known or expected questions and while doing so time your responses. This will help you stick to providing simple and short responses. Some clients I know actually record their own practice interviews so that they can listen and then improve on their performances.

8.    Know Your Position
Remember that you are a guest on their show and the last thing you will want to do is to upstage or belittle the person interviewing you. If the person interviewing asks what you think is a silly question then try to do your best t help them out. They may not be an expert on your niche topic so they will likely be asking questions that have been prepared from a person with limited knowledge.

Ask if you can get a copy or transcript for you to use on your own websites. This is a part of building your author platform and establishing credibility and your position as an author.

Good luck with your first interview!