How Would You Rate Your Current Visibility Online as an Author?

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How Would You Rate Your Current Visibility Online as an Author?

Can Your Target Audience Find You? This is a very important question that you need to ask yourself. You may have published a best-selling eBook but if no-one knows about it then it will go down as a great loss.

When it comes to building your author platform and being able to become a successful top selling author you need to establish an online presence that provides you with visibility to a global reading audience.

In this article I will discuss some key areas that you will need to improve on when it comes to your visibility as an author online. Let’s start with what many of us have already done and that is to Google our own name. It is quite amazing what comes up when you type your name into Google. For some, they will be flattered to find their name on the first page and for others they will be shocked at what actually appears for their name.

You need to be able to realistically evaluate the effectiveness of your online presence and author platform. By doing so, you will have a starting point to build a plan to improve your online visibility. If you can’t even find yourself online then how do you expect others to?

Your presence online is not just a matter of getting your name, eBook or website out there as much as possible, but generating quality listings so that no matter what link a viewer clicks on they will be directed to a page of high quality. A bad review of your eBook, a bad photo, a page with old information or any page that doesn’t portray you in the way you want will only have a negative impact on that viewer.

One key point to note is that once something is on the internet it will always be there.
As an eBook author, your author platform refers to your ability to promote yourself online and this is why we devote so much time to helping you build your author platform.

The stronger your platform the easier it will be to get your eBook into the hands of readers who you hope will turn into prospects and loyal customers.

How Would You Rate Your Online Platform as an Author?
You can start immediately by evaluating you current online visibility by completing a few basic searches. Start by typing your name into Google and see what comes up for your name.

Do you:
1. Appear on the first page? If not, what page number do you first see any reference to you?

2. What appears first – your name, your eBook, website, an article or press release you have written, or your social media page?

3. How would you rate the quality of the listings? Do they portray you in the way you would like to be portrayed?

When looking into what appears online you need to have a good look at the listings and what you can do to improve your visibility and get the pages you want to the top of the search listings.

More Questions You Should Ask Yourself:

1. Your Blog – Do you have a blog that appears in the search rankings for the appropriate key words?
Every author should have a blog that they update on a regular basis. A blog is a great tool for authors to build a relationship with their readers. A blog is an essential component to any author’s platform.

2. Author Website – Do you have your own author website?
Author websites are taking on greater importance as many readers now type in an authors name and expect to be taken to their website where they can find out more about the author, buy their eBooks and other products, read about forthcoming releases, watch trailers and connect with the author. If you do have a website, be sure to make it a part of your daily or weekly plan to update the content on your home page.

What does your site offer?
We all love to receive free quality information. As a result, you should offer your viewers a free eBook, articles or eCourse for just visiting your site. This is where I follow the ‘Give to receive’ policy. The more visitors and people that go to your site the better rakings your site will have and therefore better visibility.

3. Do you make the most of social media?
As an author you should have a Facebook page, a Twitter account and your profile on LinkedIn. The power of social media as a marketing tool cannot be underestimated.

4. Do you submit unique and quality articles to blogs that are strongly positioned within your genre?
This is a great way to increase your visibility. If the blog’s readers like your article then they will likely follow through and visit your site.

5. Do you submit videos to YouTube?
Why not create a trailer of your eBook or an interview and submit it to YouTube. These sites are great ways to get your name out there.

6. Online eBook stores – Have you submitted your eBook to all the major online eBook stores?
Is your eBook in the niche stores specific to your genre? If not, then you can use one of the top eBook distribution services  to help you do this. For a small commission they will get your eBook into the stores.

Your ultimate goal as an aspiring author is to sell your eBooks. And the only way you can do this is to increase your online visibility and allow people to find you. Be sure to check out our marketing section as you will find hundreds of articles on online marketing that will not only help to promote your eBook but to also increase your online presence as an author and build your brand.