6 Ways to Engage Your Target Audience on YouTube

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6 Ways to Engage Your Target Audience on YouTube

The key to your eBook marketing campaigning succeeding is being able to engage your target audience and put your eBook in front of them. One of the most powerful digital marketing trends right now that shows no sign of slowing is using video to promote you and your eBook. As will already know YouTube is the powerhouse for online video.

YouTube has millions of videos with more being uploaded every second. You must do something to make your video stand out. It must go viral. It must receive a low of views. It must help you achieve your goals otherwise you would have just wasted a lot of valuable time in producing your video.

Our members have shared with us how YouTube has helped to build their author brand. They also stated that placing the YouTube video on their author website or blog has also added visual value to their site. The following tips will help show you how you can make the most of YouTube in selling more eBooks.

1. Become the Teacher
People watch YouTube videos to learn something new. To learn how to solve a problem. To improve their skills so they can make more money, fix a car, build a dog kennel, write an eBook or train their dog.

2. Provide Testimonials
If you have obtained some quality testimonials from fans then why not include some of these in your video to help validate your knowledge and eBook. Using YouTube to showcase some of these testimonials can be a highly effective sales tool.

3. Entertain Your Audience
YouTube visitors want to be entertained. They watch funny videos, watch music videos or trailers for books and upcoming movies. You must entertain your viewers and build a relationship with them. Short videos are memorable videos.

4. Introduce Your eBook
If you can showcase your eBooks in a creative and engaging way then you can lead your viewers to your blog or author website. Using the appropriate key words in your title and description and learning the skills top get your videos ranked highly on YouTube will increase those within your target market viewing your video.

5. Share Video Footage of an Author Interview
If you recently spoke at a book club meeting, a conference, special event, workshop or via webinar then you should consider uploading this to YouTube. If you are seen as the expert then viewers will seek you out on the internet to gain more help.

6. Provide a Call to Action
A call to action takes your viewer from interested and potential customer to buying customer. Encourage your viewers to take the next step and visit your website or blog. From here you can then sell.