Review Your Competitor’s eBook to Gain the Advantage

Review Your Competitor’s eBook to Gain the Advantage

By studying fellow authors and their eBooks that have experienced success within your category or genre can provide you with the information you need to succeed. Many successful eBooks are created based on existing eBooks.

The difference is that the new eBooks may find a better way of solving a customer’s need or want. Just because there is an eBook already written on your topic does not mean that you cannot produce a more enticing, powerful, or informative eBook.

Below are some key areas to analyse when it comes to your competitors.

  1. Their title
  2. Headline
  3. Online stores it is sold in
  4. Testimonials – who wrote them?
  5. Foreword – who wrote it?
  6. Number of pages
  7. Target audience
  8. Market position
  9. Author name
  10. Cover review
  11. Who designed cover?
  12. Sold from blog / website
  13. Do they have an affiliate program for their eBook?
  14. Price
  15. Self published or published with major publishing house?
  16. Number of eBooks published by author
  17. One off title or part of a series
  18. Number of chapters
  19. Unique selling point
  20. Call to action
  21. Any bonuses
  22. Additional information products
  23. Capture lists
  24. Do they give away a free sample chapter?
  25. Is there a print book as well
  26. Marketing plan
  27. Use of Google Adwords
  28. Key words
  29. Benefits to reader
  30. One author or co-authored
  31. Author’s platform / expert status
  32. Press release submitted to pr site?
  33. How do they sell their eBook?
  34. Territorial rights / restrictions
  35. Genre / category
  36. Do they have a Twitter page?
  37. Do they have a Facebook page?
  38. Year published?
  39. Who was the Editor?
  40. File size?
  41. Formats published – ePub / PDF?
  42. Key points from eBook?
  43. How does your eBook differ?
  44. What unique benefits do I offer readers?

Once you have studied and identified why these authors have succeeded, then you need to go about designing a similar model for your eBook. Take what you have learned and then see what can help you succeed with your eBook. There was a reason why they are successful authors so learn from how they achieved that success!