Should I Self-publish an AudioBook?

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Self-publish an AudioBook

The Increased Popularity of AudioBooks
Audiobooks are incredibly popular at the moment according to the 2017 APA (Audio Publishers Association) consumer survey completed by Edison Research.

This survey showed that more than 67 million people in the U.S. are listening to audiobooks each year which is a 22% increase over the number of people reporting listening in the previous two years.

The Growth of AudioBook Production
In 2011, 7,237 audiobooks were produced according to APA members.

In 2012, audiobooks increased to 16,309.

In 2016, that number had more than tripled to 50,937 new audiobooks.

Why Have We Seen the Popularity of Audio Books Increase?

Increased Popularity Among Authors
Authors have embraced audiobooks as they realise that they have to provide their target audience with multiple options to consume their product. As a result, more authors have started to be proactive in promoting their audiobooks on social media. This has led to increased awareness to customers and increased sales.

Authors are also sharing their self-publishing journey with their fans which is helps to create a personal connection between author and reader. Authors are not only writing eBooks and producing audiobooks but they are sharing the process that took place to create their audiobooks.

Improvements in Technology
The advances in technology for Audiobook creation and consumption have improved significantly in recent years which have had a direct positive impact on the growth of Audiobooks. Every advancement from new digital editing tools to the increased use of tablets by consumers has boosted production and sales.

Improvements in Digital Sales
It is now easier and more convenient for consumers to purchase and listen to audiobooks. Consumers rated portability and the ability to listen to audiobooks wherever they as being reasons for increased consumption. The increased usage of smartphones and tablets has made listening to audiobooks more enjoyable and convenient.

Should You Create an Audiobook?
Yes, absolutely! In fact, after you have successfully self-published your eBook you should also look to publish a print book and audiobook.