Fiction Writing Course

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Fiction Writing Course

My online courses focus more on writing and self-publishing an eBook rather than the actual writing of an eBook with regards to characters, story-line,plot etc.

So if your’re king for a course here is one from

Get the Story out of Your Imagination and Have It on Paper.

  • Learn about the right mindset required to write an amazing fiction story.
  • Learn the process of sourcing ideas, taking inspiration from your everyday life.
  • Learn the art of creating various unique kinds of characters.
  • Learn to assign distinct and attention-grabbing traits to your characters.
  • Learn the process of developing a story and putting characters in the storyline.
  • Learn about the elements of an attention-grabbing story.
    Learn to use various story elements to hook a reader from the first page.
  • Learn to overcome redundancy and repetition in the story.
    Learn the difference between a novel, a story, and a screenplay, and the process of writing them.
  • Understand how to stay motivated, focused and creative to keep the ideas flowing.
  • And how to use all the learned knowledge to write amazing fiction and get it published.
  • Even if you have no idea about writing fiction or if you are unable to get into that particular comfort zone of writing a great story, this course will help you achieve all your fiction writing goals.