Self-Published Author Marketing

If You Are a Self-Published Author Marketing Your Own eBook You Need To….

In today’s internet driven world of buying books and eBooks you have to be willing to be creative and innovative in the way you market your eBook. If you can be more creative and innovative then you will be giving yourself a great chance to get noticed and sell more eBooks over your competition that are just pursuing the common marketing channels. The key is learning form the experts themselves in eBook marketing and then go about implementing these tips and strategies with your own unique twist.

If You Are Marketing Your Own eBook You Need To:

  • Understand how to use the power of the internet to your advantage
  • Accept that you are competing with thousands of other authors who already write about your topic
  • Understand what it is exactly that your ideal customer wants
  • Need to be able to meet your readers’ expectations
  • Produce unique content
  • Build a relationship with your reader
  • Be accessible and contactable
  • Present yourself an author differently to others
  • Present your eBook and knowledge differently to others
  • Be able to move on from the old traditional marketing models to the new digital world of marketing
  • Make sure your readers can find you with just one click!
  • Be innovative
  • Think of something new to share with your readers
  • Be prepared to talk yourself up as an expert

Authors were once just authors; but now authors are online marketers, self-promoters and publishers. With more control comes more responsibility but what a great advancement it has been through self-publishing to be able to control your own destiny and not rely on others to get you there! The power and control is now with the author so make it work for you.