Indian eBook Authors – Amazon India’s Pen to Publish Contest

eBook sales in India are growing at a rapid rate as more and more Indians are connecting to the internet. Self-publishing an eBook in India is now a viable option for all writers who wish to see their eBooks being sold

Indian Authors are Embracing Trailers to Sell More eBooks

India is quickly becoming a powerhouse for eBooks and self-publishing thanks to a population of over one billion people. Combined with the increasing availability and uptake of the internet, more and more

Amazon India Offers 15 Day Trial Period on Kindle eBooks

Amazon India Amazon has been described as the master of the 'Loss lead.' Giving away products and services for free or at a loss has...

Amazon India Launches its Tamil Books Collection

Amazon India Launches its Tamil Books Collection Amazon India has recently announced the launch of their Tamil book collection on There are currently over...

Amazon and eBooks in India – How Will Amazon Dominate eBook...

This post was originally written on June 11, 2014. It is an interesting read as I have not updated this post at all as it shows just how has grown since 2014. New players have entered the Indian eBook market

The Indian eBook Market is Ready to Take-Off – Who Will...

Our company 'Media International' has been a keen observer of the Indian eBook market for many years now. There have been a number of false starts with the predicted huge potential of the Indian eBook market only

Penguin Random House India Announces New Organizational Structure

Penguin Random House India’s new publishing, sales and marketing leadership appointments and cross-company organizational structure were announced today by Gaurav Shrinagesh, Chief Executive Officer. All changes