Self-publishing is Booming in the UK as Market Share Grows by 79%

Self-publishing is Booming in the UK

I recently came across an article in The Guardian about how self-publishing in the UK has  exploded with 18m self-published titles being bought by readers in 2013. This is despite the news that print sales’ continued to decline.

You can read the entire article at The Guardian

Key points:

  • Self-published books’ share of the UK market grew by 79% in 2013.
  • 18m self-published books bought by UK readers last year.
  • With print sales fell by 10% last year.
  • Book purchasing as a whole down 4%.
  • eBook sales continued to grow.
  • 80m eBooks bought by UK consumers, to a value of £300m.
  • Self-publishing is growing in popularity as a choice for authors.
  • The fastest-growing genres in self-publishing were thrillers and .fantasy titles.
  • Self-published eBooks tend to be bought by women.