Advantages of Self-Publishing Non-Fiction eBooks

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Self-Publishing Non-Fiction eBooks

Self-publishing non-fiction eBooks is what has worked for me for the past 12 years and even today it is still a great time to be self-publishing.

Thanks to the evolution of self-publishing, writers now have the ability to become successful self-published authors thanks to the many available tools, tips and services available. Here’s why.

As a Self-published Author You Can Retain Control
I have listed ‘control’ as the first advantage as it is quite ’empowering’ as well as motivating to be in control of your own destiny. You have complete control of the design of your eBook cover, the title, pricing as well as knowing just how much you will earn.

You can also leverage your eBook to build your ‘authority’ online as the go-to-expert which will help you to create additional products and services for sale.

You Can Control Updates and Revisions
Amazon, Smashwords and many other eBook distribution services (or online retailers) allow for you to make revisions and updates in real time. This is not possible if you go through a publisher as they will want to retain this control.

Your Author Platform and Reputation
My first non-fiction eBook (in 2004) sold well because I had already established my reputation online within the tennis industry. I also established a list of potential customers through my tennis website which provided an immediate stream of sales as soon as I sent out an Email to my list of members and blog subscribers.

You Retain Control over the Pricing of Your eBook
All self-published authors have the ability to price books as they see fit, and change that price as needed. Non-fiction books can be priced higher than fiction, and generally sell better at a higher price point.

I price my non-fiction eBooks at $8.99 or higher, a deep discount compared to trade paperback but still much higher than many self-published fiction eBooks.

You Decide on the Timing of Publication
Working in conjunction with a specific event can impact your eBook’s marketability. So, being a self-published author you will be less likely tied to deadlines as outlined by a publisher. You will ultimately retain control of your eBook’s release.

You will also retain control over which stores you would like to sell your eBook in. For certain reasons, some publishers may not want your eBook being sold on Amazon’s Kindle due to a conflict. As a self-published author you are free to choose for yourself.