Self-Publishing Success

Self-Publishing Success in writing eBooks

Self-Publishing Success
Best-selling Author Blueprint

What is Self-Publishing?

When you read articles and interviews from established and experienced self-published authors, they can often make it seem that self-publishing is easy. For someone who has already been through the process of self-publishing, it will be easier to self-publish future eBooks.

But if you are a first-time author looking to self-publish, then I want to make it clear that there is a lot to learn if you want to succeed. AND despite the online sales pitches of writing an eBook in less than 30 days, it takes time to tick all the boxes to successfully write and self-publish a best-selling eBook.

Writing an eBook and uploading the file to Amazon to get your eBook published is quite a user-friendly and easy process. But in order to succeed as a self-published author there is so much more to learn.

Your personal success will come down to just how much work YOU are willing to do and how much it means to YOU to achieve best-seller status.

It’s Never Too Late to Get Started in Writing an eBook!
If you haven’t started writing your eBook yet, don’t worry. You’re not alone and you’re not too late. In fact, learning how to self-publish an eBook the right way by taking this course will help you produce a better eBook that has a greater chance of being successful.

Is Self-publishing for You?
Perhaps, like me, you enjoy writing because you get enjoyment from sharing knowledge and helping others. This is also why I spent many years teaching as a graduate assistant in college, coaching tennis, working as a personal trainer and now as consultant in digital media.

Don’t get me wrong, I love the passive income I derive from writing and being an online entrepreneur. But for me, the greatest pleasure I derive is from helping writers become successful self-published authors.

Maybe you have joined because you have already written your eBook but think you are doing something wrong because you have not been able to sell many copies. If this is you then I can tell you that I, along with thousands of fellow authors, have been in your shoes.

What I have Learned Since 2004

Throughout my writing career, I have experienced some great success, many failures and some luck. Now, I have greater control of my success as I know what it takes to be successful both as an eBook author and also as an entrepreneur.

Over the past fifteen years I have read thousands of posts, articles as well as watching hundreds of hours of video tutorials to get the advice I needed to succeed.

Sorting my way through the sales pitches and generic content was both exhausting and a waste of time. All this studying took time away from what I really wanted to do – write and teach!

I made the decision to stop trying to find that magic instant ‘secret to success’ solution and to create my own path to success. This involved years of studying what the best-selling authors did and what the most successful entrepreneurs did.

Not the ones who told me they were the best, because they often weren’t that successful and were mere salesmen. But I did my own research that provided me with a blueprint of how to do it.

When You Find Someone Who Is Doing It Right,
You Need To Emulate What They Are Doing.

You see, there is money to be made online as an affiliate marketer selling other people’s products. But if you want to achieve ultimate success and personal wealth you must create your own path to success by becoming the ‘creator.’

This includes writing eBooks that ‘sell’ so you can diversify down the path in creating passive income from multiple revenue streams.

What I reveal in this course is the proven approach that all of the most successful authors are using. You’ll discover how their path to success follows each ‘core stage’ of my Reader Involvement Blueprint.

This blueprint is used to increase an author’s visibility, earn respect and become experts, engage more readers, drive more fans to become advocates and to ultimately sell more eBooks.

Successful eBook Author Entrepreneur. How to Self-Publish an eBook for FREE

How did it all start for me?
……I wrote an eBook!

And from there I went on to create numerous successful; online businesses, write over 20 self-published eBooks, membership websites, online news sites, online stores and consult as a Digital Strategist. Self-publishing provided me with instant authority for my niche and gave me access to a huge audience!

But I hear that eBooks are losing popularity?
Let me tell that eBooks aren’t dead and they aren’t going anywhere any time soon. The big publishers have pushed back on Amazon and have reinvigorated the print market.

But when you get a true picture of the ‘unreported’ eBook sales from Amazon, then you will see that eBooks are still incredibly popular. Over 80% of eBooks are sold on Amazon.

I love both eBooks and print. In fact, I recommend you publish your work in print as well as in eBook and audiobook format.

Everything Is Going Digital!
Everywhere you look around you; on the train, people walking, waiting at the airport, on buses, at sporting events, waiting for public transport………….people are on mobile devices.

Right now, the number of mobile phone users has well-surpassed five billion. Countries like India are driving this growth and the opportunity for you as an author is that more and more eBooks are being read on mobile devices.

The biggest tech companies including Apple, Google, and Amazon are make huge profits from selling music, apps, movies and eBooks on these mobile devices. To keep achieving this growth they need authors, like you, to continue to write great eBooks.

It is for this reason; they are continually increase author royalties. The power has shifted to the self-published author and you are now in the driver’s seat to capitalise on this opportunity.

They will continue to provide you with a platform to sell your eBooks in every country in the world. The proliferation of mobile devices has completely changed the way people read. It has also changed how people buy online as they now capitalise on the impulse buy.

Think about this….

You now have the opportunity to write an eBook and sell it to a global audience who live online. They want instant access, immediate delivery of what they have just paid for, and they want it at a price they can afford.

If you write a great eBook, build your author platform to increase your visibility; you can leverage this generational shift towards online shopping.

In this course I’m going to give you the ‘Best-selling Author Blueprint’ my students and I have used launch and sell eBooks to a hungry global market. I have perfected this blueprint over the past fifteen years so you can start enjoying the same success that I have from self-publishing eBooks.

Note: Course is currently being updated and will re-launch soon!