Piggy-back Current Stories in the News to Sell More eBooks

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Piggy-back Current Stories in the News to Sell More eBooks

Piggy-backing the news topic of the day can help to increase the visibility of your eBook and expertise in a specific area. It is all about relating the topic or storyline of your eBook to a current news story of interest. It is about increasing your visibility among your audience.

Although leveraging a topical news event to sell more eBooks has been more beneficial to non-fiction authors, there is still an opportunity for authors of fiction to capitalize on a newsworthy topic.

When there is a popular news story circulating, media outlets often look for experts on that topic to interview. Or, in the case of some best-selling international fiction authors they search for a local author in the same genre to talk about.

To find out when a news item of interest to you appears online you simply need to sign-up to Google Alerts and they will send you a notification email of when this story is published.

Popular Non-fiction Topics Where You Can Offer Your Expertise:

  • War and terrorism
  • World Cup Sports Events
  • Olympics
  • Religion
  • Justice system and legal matters
  • Grief counselling
  • Health expert
  • Women’s issues
  • New medical research
  • Knowledge on specific illness and diseases (depression, cancer)
  • School, Education and Children
  • Parenting
  • Divorce and relationships
  • History
  • Personal finance
  • Careers and Jobs

Popular Topics Your Storyline (fiction eBook) Can Connect with:

  • Romance stories
  • Royal weddings
  • Cheating husbands
  • Real-life criminals related to your fictional characters (life imitating art)
  • Political scandals
  • Serial killers
  • Rogue law enforcement agents

What You Should Do:

  • Talk about the news story on your blog using the appropriate keywords
  • Tweet compelling headlines with links to the news story on Twitter
  • Discuss the story in online forums
  • Contact your local media outlet to offer your expert knowledge for free
  • Post your contact details on HARO
  • Connect your eBook with the title of the news story
  • Pin a relevant image to Pinterest with a keyword rich caption
  • Identify the relevant hashtags and become a part of the conversation.
  • Make yourself known to journalists who are looking for sources and experts on this topic
  • Relate your fictional story to a real-life story that seems to imitate your story
  • Piggy-back the success of fellow authors in your category (e.g. E.L. James) with a local author twist – You!
  • Submit a press release with the keywords in the title so you can be ranked next to the news stories in the search results

Possible Ideas and Examples
Example 1
If you wrote an Erotica eBook similar to E.L. James’s ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ then a journalist may invite you to speak on how a normal suburban mother can write such a graphic erotica novel. Or, they may want to create a story on a local author who has already published on this controversial topic.

Example 2
If you wrote an eBook about how an intern had a secret sexual affair with the President and then this actually occurred in real life then you could create a story of ‘life imitating art.’ Yes, this example was based on the Bill Clinton affair!

Example 3
If you wrote an eBook about the ‘100 Greatest Footballers of All Time’ then you would try to publish your eBook in time for the World Cup and contact journalists searching for an expert on football.

Example 4
If you wrote an eBook on ‘Serial Killers of the 21st Century’ and there was a serial killer currently terrorising a city then you could become the ‘go-to’ expert for talking about the mindset of a serial killer. If your eBook is crime fiction then there may be a relationship between the real-life serial killer and the characters in your eBook.

Actual Example
I remember watching an author being interviewed about her eBook (romance genre) that involved how a young man and a woman from two opposing religious backgrounds met, fell in love and married against the wishes of their family. They had to escape their family and country due to threats of violence against them for bringing shame to their family. This was all fiction even though it was based on real life cases the author had researched.

The author was invited to be interviewed because the research she did for her eBook was relevant to the current news story of two young people (opposing religions) falling in love in a middle-eastern country and they were subsequently killed because it brought shame to their family.

This interview increased this author’s profile and provided greater visibility and promotion for her eBook which was mentioned during the interview.

What news stories can you ‘piggy-back’ to help increase your visibility, build your author brand and promote your eBook?