Seven Habits of Highly Successful Affiliates to Make More Money

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Seven Habits of Highly Successful Affiliates to Make More Money!

Are you about to sell other people’s products? Then understanding what it takes to become a successful affiliate marketer will help give you a head start in making additional income from affiliate products.

We Have Identified the Following Seven Habits That Help Create Lasting Success:

1. Focus on Your Target Niche Market
Many of the world’s top affiliate marketers have made their money by promoting products to niche markets. When you set-up a website, newsletter or blog, you will most likely be more successful if you cater to a specific audience.

There are affiliate products for just about everything. And the biggest trap for first time affiliate marketers is to try and sell all types of products.

I made this mistake early on and wondered why I was reading all these success stories from people making big money as an affiliate marketer why I was unable to make any sales. The problem was that I was not focusing on a niche.

The most successful affiliate marketers that I have spoken to and pursued JV’s with are those that sell products that address a specific need or answer a specific question for those within that niche.

If you have written an eBook on weight loss for ‘Men Over 60’ then you may want to also leverage your eBook and sell weight loss supplements, gym equipment or membership access to a weight loss site that cater to this age group.

2. Use Multiple Online Promotion Tools to Sell
Many successful affiliate marketers rely on multiple promotional methods to sell products. You may focus on one target market but there are many ways to reach those people within that market.

Affiliate marketers use blogs, websites, newsletters, squeeze pages, mini-sites, email marketing campaigns, review sites, and pay-per-click advertising to reach their audience.

You will likely find that most of your target market visits the same sites on the internet so you already know where to go. The key is to use multiple promotional techniques to get them across the line and buy the product you are selling.

3. Promote With the Seasons
Many successful affiliates understand how products sell throughout the various seasons and how special events such as the Olympics, World Cup Football, Wimbledon, Hors racing and all other major events have an impact on when and how much people will buy products.

One of the most obvious seasonal examples would be with weight loss products. Every year people make New Year’s resolutions for losing weight and as a result the sales of weight loss supplements, books and products spike in the New Year.

4. Discipline, Determination and Persistence
You need to have the discipline not to let emotions control your campaigns and you must be persistent when it comes to being an affiliate marketer as it takes time to become successful.

Very few affiliate marketers have instant success. Many have stayed the course and persisted with improving and refining their techniques until they catch on to one that works.

5. Broaden Your Portfolio of Products
In general, all products don’t do well at the same time. When some products are doing well, other products are not. Promoting a variety of products will allow you to benefit by smoothing out the peaks and valleys in the lifecycle of each product.

6. Test and Analyse Your Campaigns
The best affiliate marketers constantly test their strategies, the language they use, sales pitches, their links, navigation pathways and every step that their potential customer would take. If something is not working then review your set-up and how you are selling.

Another very important step is to make sure that your affiliate links are correct and working. I cringe when I click on an affiliate link and it doesn’t work knowing that the affiliate marketer is there each day looking at his or her account and wondering why they are not making any money. Yet they do not bother to constantly check their links!

7. Refunds Cost You Dearly
Many affiliate products come with a refund. This is just a part of the process so don’t let it frustrate you when someone wants a refund. Unfortunately there are habitual customers who abuse this policy and buy products to get the information they want and then claim a refund.

You can reduce ‘refunds’ by making sure that you give the customer the information upfront and they know what they will receive for the price they pay. Don’t make outlandish promises or claims about your product if it cannot deliver on those promises.

There are affiliate marketers who make millions of dollars a year and live an amazing life from selling other people’s products. There are also affiliate marketers who lose money. The key point is to stick to the rules and study those affiliate marketers who have been successful.

Know your product, know your target market and know how to improve conversions though a compelling sales copy.

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