Six Key Tips to Selling a Product or Service Online

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Six Key Tips to Selling a Product or Service Online

Selling your eBooks to a global audience is now a very real prospect thanks to the power of the internet. The problem is that you are competing with millions of people selling products online and only a few will succeed in making a living from doing so.

Every day I see online retailers and marketers committing the most common mistakes for selling online. So I thought it was timely to list six essential tips to successfully sell online. Use these tips for selling your eBooks as well as any other products and services you wish to sell.

1. You Must Give First
Before you can sell your eBook or product you must give, give and give some more! Give away content of value and always strive to deliver what your audience wants.

2. List Building is Still a Powerful Tool
The main goal of building a list is to have immediate contact and access to your target audience. It is literally building your database of ideal customers. You cannot just ask for the contact details of your potential customers as they obviously won’t give them to you.

However, if you offer them something in return (free eBook, free newsletter) then they will be more likely to hand over their Email address. Once you have their Email address you continue to send out informative Emails and occasionally work in an Email about your eBook, product or service.

3. Be You and Not that Guy Who Yells in the Info Commercials!
The most successful authors and online marketers I know are those that don’t try to be someone they are not. They do not try to become some pushy sales person. They show their true personality and aim to build trust with their audience. once your customers trust you then they will be more likely to buy from you.

4. Social Media is for Connecting with Your Audience!
You may think that using your social media networks to constantly sell your products is the way to go. Unfortunately, social media should be used to engage, connect, communicate and build a trusting relationship with your customers.

The success of your social media campaigns will be how many people from your audience  you can convert to subscribers of your email newsletter or go on to visit your website. And it is from there you can sell.

5. Selling Online Takes Time
When you walk into a local store at the mall, the shop assistants are trained to get you to buy right there and then as they know if you leave you could buy from somewhere else. When you sell online you need to accept that it takes time to sell.

Some statistics show that it may take up to eight or nine contacts to get someone to buy. So don’t be too pushy with your ‘calls to action’ or in trying to push your products too hard. Nurture the relationship and eventually you can get the sale.

6. Price Your Product to Sell
What would you be prepared to pay for your eBook, product or service? You must provide value for money especially if you wish to sell again in the future. There are authors who have successfully sold their eBooks for $70 because it was considered value for money. Others cannot even sell their eBook for 99 cents.

The market will often determine the price of a product and if it is value for money. Just as how houses are often valued. Too much and no-one will buy. Too little and it could send the message that there is something wrong with it.