Self-Publishing Part 6 – Six Ways to Publish Your eBook and Book

Self-Publishing eBook

Self-Publishing Part 6

Six Ways to Publish Your eBook and Book

Self-publishing is continually becoming the preferred option for authors due to the information and tools available to them. There are many self-publishing sites and services available to help the author get their book or eBook to market.

Our eBook Author Academy is an example of a site assisting authors who decide to go at it alone. We focus on providing authors with the information they need to self-publish an eBook as it is the current trend for authors to self-publish their eBook and pursue a hybrid contract where they go through a traditional publisher for their book.

Self-Published Authors Will:

  • Be responsible for production of their work.
  • Write the manuscript.
  • Be responsible for editing.
  • Be responsible for proof reading.
  • Be responsible for type setting.
  • Be responsible for formatting.
  • Be responsible for eBook cover design.
  • Be responsible for distribution.
  • Be responsible for eBook marketing.
  • Be responsible for negotiating contracts.
  • Assume all risks.
  • Take on all direct costs.

What are the Benefits of self-publishing?

  • More control over your book.
  • You retain the rights to your book or eBook.
  • Maintain control of where your eBook or book is distributed.
  • Be able to decide which store you do not want your eBook sold in.
  • You can make additional income from speaking, add-on products and retain 100% of revenue.
  • Earn greater royalties (often up to 90%).
  • Retain creative control of your work.
  • Get your eBook or book to market very quickly (Often within weeks).
  • Include whatever content you want in your eBook or book.
  • If your book is successful, you can generate further income by selling your international and digital rights.
  • You can have control of ‘pre-publication’ marketing.

What are the Drawbacks of Self-publishing?

  • The author requires more motivation.
  • The author will be required to devote more time to publishing and marketing their eBook or book.
  • The author will be responsible for upfront costs.
  • The author takes on all risks.
  • As a self-publisher, you may not have the experience or expertise in all areas of the publishing process.
  • You will have to source your own POD Company.
  • The author may need to hire the services of self-publishing companies at a cost.
  • The author will be required to do all negotiating of contracts and terms.

This Option May be for You if You:

  • Are prepared to invest in your education in learning about the self-publishing industry.
  • Have the ability and knowledge to promote your eBook.
  • Want to retain control of your eBook or book.
  • Are a motivated entrepreneur.
  • Require immediate return for your work.
  • Have already been rejected by publishers.
  • Have the time to invest in taking your manuscript from idea to publication.
  • Know how to ‘pre-sell’ copies of your eBooks.
  • Want to get your time sensitive eBook published very quickly.