4 Reasons to Slow Down When Self-Publishing Your eBook

4 Reasons to Slow Down When Self-Publishing Your eBook

One of the major benefits associated with self-publishing your eBook is being able to publish your eBook much more quickly than if you chose to go down the traditional publishing path. But should you be rushing to publish? Is there a need to get your eBook out there right now?

For many authors, rushing to publish can lead to failure so taking your time may be a better option for you. Forget the enticing sales calls of ‘How to Write an eBook in 7 Days’ and decide on a time-frame that works for you!

Here are 4 Reasons Why Taking Your Time Can Lead to Greater Success

More Time to Promote Your eBook Pre-publication
You definitely do not want to drag out your pre-publication marketing campaign but you sure do want to have one to build the excitement and anticipation for the release of your eBook. I recommend having at least a minimum of four months to promote your eBook prior to publication. Many will tell you that 8 – 12 months is more ideal. It comes down to each individual and the type of eBook they are writing.

More Time to Devote to Your Author Platform
I cannot stress enough the importance of finding and connecting with your target audience well before you publish. Otherwise, as a self-published author, you will find that you rush to publish and then experience the very deflating feeling when no-one buys your eBook because you are unknown and cannot compete with the well-known authors in your category who already have a large following.

Build your following on Twitter, Facebook, your blog, author website, in online communities and build a list of fans so that when you are ready to publish you will have a ‘ready-to-go’ list of excited readers wanting to buy your eBook.

You Can Control the Writing Process
Some experts tell you that you should start to shop around your manuscript before you have finished. This works for many and can provide an immediate reward in knowing that you have a publishing contract ready and waiting once you have finished. The downside to this is that all of a sudden you are faced with deadlines and this may negatively impact your creative side.

You Can Have Multiple eBooks Ready to Go
One technique to selling more eBooks is to write more eBooks! If you write a best-selling first eBook and do not have anything to follow for another six months then you will likely lose the spontaneous purchases of your fans.

If you have multiple eBooks available one after another in a series then you capitalize on selling large volumes of multiple eBooks. So, you may want to consider publishing your first eBook when you are just about to finish your second eBook.