How to Make Money Using the Smashwords Affiliate Program

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How to Make Money Using the Smashwords Affiliate Program

If you have a blog or website where it is appropriate to sell eBooks by other authors then you can possibly make some extra money by becoming an affiliate.

Like Amazon and many stores, Smashwords also has an affiliate program. If you already have an account with Smashwords then it is easy to gain access to the affiliate code you require to place on your website.

I only recommend you sell other eBooks in certain circumstances. If you are trying to build your own author platform and website then never sell other eBooks. It only distracts potential viewers and may cause you to lose eBook sales.

What is an Affiliate Program?
An affiliate program allows third party bloggers, web site operators, authors, publishers and Internet marketers to promote Smashwords eBooks simply by hyperlinking to Smashwords pages.

Affiliate receive a percentage of all the net sales derived from the visitors they direct to Smashwords. The eBooks of Smashwords authors and publishers are automatically enrolled in the affiliate program, and therefore are eligible for affiliate promotion.

How does the Smashwords Affiliate Marketing Program Work?
All Smashwords eBooks are automatically enrolled in the affiliate program, and are therefore eligible for promotion by affiliates. Authors, publishers and affiliate marketers can also sign-up to earn commissions as affiliate marketers.

Affiliates must first register as Smashwords members. Existing Smashwords members simply go to their Account page and follow the link to the Affiliate Management page.

What is the ‘Juicing’ feature?
Smashwords authors and publishers are able to ‘juice’ the affiliate commissions for their eBooks by giving affiliates a portion of their earnings. Authors and publishers do this to motivate affiliates to promote their eBooks more heavily.

How do the enrollment periods work?
All Smashwords eBooks are automatically enrolled in the affiliate program for recurring one month periods. On the first of each month, the period renews.

Once an eBook has been enrolled in the affiliate program for more than 30 days, then authors and publishers make certain adjustments to their participation, such opting out of the program, or reducing their juicing rate, these changes don’t become effective until the first day of the next month. However, authors and publishers can increase their juicing rates at any time.

Is it possible to remove my eBooks from the affiliate program?
Yes. Smashwords strongly discourage authors and publishers from opting out of the affiliate program. Titles that are not part of the program will not receive the same level of promotion as titles that do participate.

However, because Smashwords believe authors and publishers have the right to control how their eBooks are marketed, they allow opt-outs. To opt-out of the program, click on the Affiliate System Management link in your Account page, then proceed to your settings where you’ll find a link that allows you to opt out, title by title.

When are affiliate earnings paid?
Quarterly, on the same schedule as earnings.

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