Smashwords Reveals that Women Dominate their eBook Best-seller Lists

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Smashwords Reveals that Women Dominate their eBook Best-seller Lists

Smashwords CEO Mark Coker has posted details about the demographics of the best-selling authors on his website. Mark has made note that the top twenty-five best-selling titles on Smashwords in recent months have been written by women.

This is an important statistic as it was not too long ago that some observers were making note about the lack of best-selling eBooks by women in the best-seller lists. It is an exciting time when you see both men and women achieving best-selling status.

A key point that also should be noted is that often the best-seller lists comprise of multiple eBooks by the same author. When an author has a series and one of their eBooks hits the best-seller list then it is common to see their backlist of eBooks also appearing on these lists.

As a result, this is often why there are some lists dominated by men and some by women. It is because the same author appears multiple times. This was the case with Hugh Howey, Veronica Roth, EL James and now Laurelin Paige.

Key Points from Mark Coker:

  • Women outnumbered men for eBooks in the iBooks store and Amazon
  • Sixty-four percent of the top twenty-five titles in iBooks store were written by women
  • Fifty-six percent of the Amazon bestsellers were written by women
  • Romance is the best-selling genre on Smashwords and the majority of those titles are written by women
  • After romance, the popular remaining titles are historical fiction, fantasy, and mystery.

Coker stated; ‘Why are women dominating the Smashwords bestseller lists, other than the fact that these women are all super-awesome writers? One likely factor is that romance is the #1 bestselling genre at Smashwords, and romance is overwhelmingly written by women.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: I’m constantly blown away the smarts, savvy and sophistication of romance authors. These ladies have pioneered many of the eBook publishing and distribution best practices that so many indies take for granted today. But strong romance performance doesn’t fully explain the story.’

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