Use Social Media for Author Brand Awareness

Social Media for Author Brand Awareness

Over the years I have found that some authors and also publishers are trying to use social media as their prime sales tool for selling eBooks.  Social media should be a part of every online marketing campaign.

However, to rely on social media to sell eBooks will often lead you down a frustrating path. You should use social media to build a relationship and connect with your target audience.

You Should Use Social Media for:
1. Building brand awareness.
2. Build trust in your brand as an author or publisher.
3. Engage with your readers and fans.
4. Share your writing passions.
5. Build loyal communities within your target audience.

In summary, use social media to let your ‘target audience’ know who you are as an author and what you have to offer them that will satisfy their want or need. From there you can sell!  With all the social media options available, you should select the best one that will assist sales.

Your Prime Objective with Investing Your Time in Social Media is to:

1. Educate and inform your target audience.

2. Provide informative and helpful content that is free.

3. Create great brand awareness through your posts.

4. Make sure you keep your ‘Brand’ in front of your potential customer’s eyes. This way, when they are ready to buy an eBook in your genre, they will think of you, your brand and your eBook as a viable option.

5. Lead your target audience and potential customers through the initial stages of ‘awareness’ and ‘interest.’

The online eBook stores created by for niche eBook genres provides readers, writers and authors with the opportunity to share their passions, love, interest and expertise for a specific area.

These stores and communities also provide authors with an opportunity to engage with customers and fans directly on a daily basis.  This is a great way to build your brand and get connected.

Many authors, however, do not understand the true benefits of social media.  Social media is there to build trust in your brand and to learn from your readers who will provide you with feedback to help you make positive changes.  Writing is now more interactive.

For example; some authors use social media to engage readers who will want to share in how the ending of an eBook should be.  Or who should die in their next eBook.  Or who should fall in love. Use social media to connect and interact with your readers!