Social Media Marketing Trends for Authors

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Social Media Marketing Trends for Authors

Social media marketing for authors is constantly evolving and as a result you must stay on top of what is working and what is no longer helping you to:

1. Connect, engage and build a relationship with your ideal readers

2. Ultimately help you to sell more eBooks

Social media marketing for authors is all about;

1. Putting the right content in front of the right person and NOT about;
2. Putting the right ad in front of the right person!

Current Trends:

  • Readers are spending more time on mobile devices.
  • eBook Marketing is more targeted than ever before.
  • Deliver great experiences to your readers so they become long-term loyal fans.
  • Audience-driven social targeting is enabling one-to-one marketing
  • Focus is on creating one-to-one relationships.
  • Facebook and Twitter are focused on making social marketing more targeted and audience-driven.
  • Facebook and Twitter marketing focuses on a more personalized and relationship-focused platform.
  • Social media platforms rely on a person’s personal information to target them directly with related advertisements.
  • Deliver great experiences that keep your followers engaged and hooked to return for future posts.

What You Need to Do Now:

1. Stay Focused on the Specific Interests of Your Niche Audience
Content is now being created and delivered to individuals based on key demographic and psychographic segments. Instead of sending out one mass email, social media post or article; you are required to design, create, distribute, and manage numerous pieces of content (video, text, and audio) on specific topics for your niche genre or category.

The requirement to generate more content can be achieved by updating, repurposing and re-writing existing content that you have produced in previous years from your blog, eBooks or social media posts.

A popular method for generating topic-specific content is leveraging fellow authors to produce ‘user-generated’ content. This was a technique used many years ago by sites such as ‘eZines’ to continually produce fresh content on specific topics.

Now these ‘All-in-one’ sites are losing out to sites that are more targeted on a specific group or interest.

2. Stop Directly Advertising to Your Target Audience
The day of cold hard sales calls is over. Who enjoys visiting a site only to get bombarded with pop-ups, spam emails and direct advertising? No-one I know.

This goes hand in hand with previous posts where I have made comment that publishers must own the niche content-driven sites, communities and platforms to connect with targeted audiences.

Sending readers to an ‘Everything’ store is not the way to do it. Build a relationship with a reader then once they are interested and trust you then you can send them to your eBook sales page.

Unless you are JK Rowling you will not be able to convince readers to buy your eBook because of your author name. You must produce and deliver interesting, beneficial and human generated content!

3. Understand How to Collect, Manage and Organise Data
As discussed in the key points above; the reason social media platforms are becoming more targeted is due to their ability to collect and manage the data they receive from their subscribers or members.

You must now learn to leverage this acquired data as part of your ongoing strategy to engage and connect with your target audience of readers. How can you get this information? You can use Google Analytics as a free way to do so and then consider a paid premium option if required.