Start by Getting the Word Out There to People You Know

Start by Getting the Word Out There to People You Know

This is a good simple technique to use right from the start of your eBook marketing campaign.  Notify the people closest to you about your achievement in having completed your eBook and let them know that it is now published and available for sale.

You will often find an ‘Email to a Friend’ or ‘Recommend’ icon on your home author page if you belong to a self-publishing community or author directory.  This feature will allow for the people you notify to be able to return to this exact page and potentially buy your eBook and support you.

Giving away your eBook is an option; however, it won’t count towards your overall sales which is an important statistic for you in future promotions.

So who should you contact?  Start with your family and friends.  Then you can also notify some of your co-workers, business associates and previously established fans through your pre-launch marketing efforts.  When you contact these people you don’t need to try and sell to them or be pushy.

It’s about starting your marketing campaign and announcing the availability of your eBook.  If you have conducted a ‘pre-launch’ marketing campaign then this should be your first step.  There is no better way than with positive feedback and support from your family and friends.

What is an Example of an Email I Can Send to Them?

Send your family and friends a short email. For example:
Dear [Insert Their First Name],

I just wanted to share with you some exciting news in that I have just completed and published my first eBook which is now available for sampling and purchase.

My eBook, [Insert Your eBook Title], has been published by [Insert Publisher or self-publishing site].  As you may know I having been working on this eBook for quite some time now and I am pleased to announce that it is available for immediate download.

My eBook is about [Short One Sentence Description].

Here’s the direct link to my author page, where you can sample or purchase the eBook: [Insert Direct Link to Your Author Page]

I would also appreciate it if you could help me in getting the word out there by letting your friends know about my new eBook.  I would be happy to talk to anyone who may have questions.
Thank you so much for your support!

[Your first name]
[eBook title}
[Insert link to your author page or eBook sales page]

Note: It is very important that you check that you have inserted the correct links to your author page and also sales page.

Word of Mouth – One of the Most Powerful Viral Marketing Tools
Word of mouth is one of your most powerful marketing tools.  When speaking about your eBook; talk it up, be confident, and pass on your excitement about the end result.

You can start by asking your family, friends and work colleagues to talk about your eBook and make sure they know where it can be bought.  Try and find a ‘champion’ for your eBook.  Their role will be to represent your eBook and to talk it up.  This could be a member of an eBook club, local librarian, hairdresser or teacher who will recommend your eBook.

I have provided some ‘champions’ with free copies of my eBook in return for their thoughts and helping to spread the word.  As it’s an eBook there is no cost to you in doing this.  Previously a printed book would have more of a cost associated with it when you gave it away.

Self-Promote and Network with People You Meet
Everyone you come into contact with could be a potential customer and buyer.  Therefore, whenever you do get the opportunity to talk about your eBook then you should do so.

You will soon find out if it is something they may be interested in.  If so, then you can elaborate more and provide them with a business card which has your contact details on including the website where they can purchase your eBook from.

Sell Your eBook to Your Colleagues and Fellow Niche Enthusiasts
Early on I realised the power of selling my eBook to specialty stores and not just the big eBook stores.

Even today, the majority of my sales come from these small niche stores that directly reach my targeted customer.  For example; the site that has helped to sell the majority of my tennis eBooks has been my tennis coaching membership website.

This site has my target audience and when I have a new eBook then all I need to do is send out an email or place the eBook cover in a strategic position on the home page to attract those visitors to the website who are not members.

If you submit your eBook to the big eBook stores; just be sure you don’t get lost back on page 25 as no-one will find you there.  Seek out your colleagues and sell to them!

Go to Google and search for websites, blogs and social media sites that have a following for your niche.  Then rank each listing on its benefit to you.  This will be based on maximum exposure and sales opportunities.  After you have narrowed down your list; contact each one directly or join as a participant in their online forums, blogs or social media networks.

Slowly work your way into the group with informative posts, and allow your bio, resource box, or signature to do the selling for you.  If people find what you’re saying to be of benefit then they will investigate further.  Then let your sales page do the selling!