9 Tips to Make a Start in Writing Your eBook Now

9 Tips to Make a Start in Writing Your eBook Now

So you don’t know where to start? You need a plan and some direction to get the ball rolling in writing your eBook. If you are considering writing an eBook then there is a good chance that you already have a great idea for an eBook but you are not sure of how or where to start. Here are 10 tips to help you get started.

1. Write Down Your eBook’s Topic.
Firstly, are you wanting to write an eBook of fiction or non-fiction? If fiction, what specific genre will it fit into? If you are writing a non-fiction eBook then what category will it come under?

2. Why Do You Want to Write this eBook?
This may sound like a strange question; however, people write for various reasons. If you are writing to make money then you will need a plan on how you will make money.  Are you just writing for the fun of it? Are you writing to pass on some unique piece of knowledge you have? Are you writing to start a media career?

3. Write Down Your Goals for this eBook
By having goals you will be able to have some direction in where you are going. Do you want to become a best-selling author? Do you want to sell 10,000 copies? Do you want to write a series? Do you want to become a full-time author?

4. Write Down Your Title
You don’t have to commit to using this title just yet. In fact it is likely that you will change several times before you are ready to publish.  Read our articles on how to create an attention-grabbing title for your eBook. Think of a sub-title if writing a non-fiction eBook.

5. Is there a Market for Your eBook?
Who will be your target audience? Why will they want to buy your eBook? What size is your market?

6. Write Your eBooks’ Thesis or Mission
This is where you will want to write a few sentences outlining how your eBook will help solve your target audience’s problem. Or how your eBook will be unique in storyline and characters. This will help you to stay on track throughout the writing process so you do not get distracted and go off on a tangent.

7. Design Your eBook Cover
Get a blank piece of paper and start designing your eBook cover. Often your cover will be based on existing covers that you like. Fiction covers place more emphasis on the author’s name. Non-fiction place more emphasis on the title and how the eBook can help the reader.

8. Organize Your eBook
You must have an outline for how your eBook will flow. Writing aimlessly can often lead to repetition in your writing and a plot that doesn’t make sense. Structure and plan your chapters. Plan the plot from introduction to the end.

9. Write Your eBook Synopsis
This can help to further provide some clarity and direction for your eBook.  Study existing eBooks on Amazon and see what these authors have written for their description.

There are many ways to avoid writers block. The above are just a few ideas to help you get started. By writing out your synopsis, thinking of a title, planning the storyline, or identifying your target audience may just provide you with what you need to put pen to paper.