How to Build a Strong Author Brand that Delivers Results

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How to Build a Strong Author Brand that Delivers Results

What’s Your Author Brand?
Creating a memorable, powerful and strong author brand is essential if you are an author. You may already have started to develop your own brand without actually realising it. If you have written multiple eBooks, created audio products or have a blog all about a specific topic then you are likely already building a brand for yourself.

Why Do Authors Need a Strong Brand?

A strong brand will help develop your following and expand your audience. Your brand will be the way people perceive you, or remember you.

You want to create a unique brand of your own so that your readers or customers recognise you as an individual and that there is no-one else who can provide the information or level of expertise that you can for your niche topic.

A recognised brand will provide the customer with a sense of belief that they know they are getting quality and expert information form you. They will seek you out for information and they will also recommend you to others as the person to go to for information on your niche topic.

In Order to Build Your Author Brand Ask Yourself the Following Questions:

  • What benefits can you provide your customers?
  • Can you deliver on what you promise or claim?
  • What do you want to communicate to your customer?
  • Does your brand offer informative and educational value?
  • Does your brand offer an experience or emotional connection?
  • How do you want your customers to remember you?

As mentioned earlier, you may have already established your brand through your eBooks, articles and special reports you have written.

For fiction authors, you may develop your brand through your distinct writing style where readers can recognise you from the way you write. And it is this distinct writing style that provides customers with a way to recognise you in future writings and to also know what they are getting or going to experience when they read your work.

The logo you create will go a long way in creating your brand. The colours, images and graphics you use will help develop the brand of a series.

For example; for my eBook series ‘The Winning Mindset’ I have used the same graphic for all eBook covers with a slight deviation for the specific sport being covered. My customers recognise this image as my brand and know what they are getting when they read my eBooks.

You need to be consistent with your branding. You can’t afford to jump around and change images, photos, business names, websites or your distinct writing style as you will lose brand recognition. Consistent messaging is the key to successful branding.

Building your brand identity is important for enhancing your credibility and promoting customer loyalty. When you go into a supermarket you buy certain items based on their brand as you know what you are getting for your money.

You already know what it will taste like, the quality of the product and what benefits it may provide you. The same applies to the eBooks you write.

If you write more than one eBook then your readers will become familiar with the quality of eBook you produce, and may automatically buy future eBooks purely based on your brand and what they already know you will provide.

A great way to establish credibility and a competitive advantage over your competitors is to build a recognisable brand for yourself. If you can, then customers will think of you first when they are seeking advice on your niche topic. They will come to you before trying a new competitor or author who is an unknown quantity.

If you consistently deliver on your brand’s promise then customers will consistently return to buy your eBooks and seek information from you in the future. And the best part of it is that they will recommend you to others, which will also help to build your customer base.