Submitting Your eBook to an eBook Distributor

Submitting Your eBook to an eBook Distributor

Before uploading your eBook with a distribution provider make sure you have the following details as it will save you time. You must also take your time in writing a ‘selling’ eBook description so plan in advance.

1.    Upload Your eBook
Make sure your eBook is complete and in accordance with the required formatting. Check out Smashwords Style Guide if you need help.

2.    Upload Your eBook Cover
You will need to upload your eBook cover in the appropriate format and size (e.g. jpeg).

3.    Write eBook Description
Write the description for your eBook. You don’t want to write a sales copy but at the same time what you write must be convincing and convert the reader from potential customer to buying customer.

4.    Add Price of eBook
Your will need to add the price for your eBook based on your research into pricing strategy. Some stores may price your eBook for you so be aware of how they will do this. Apple for example requires some products to end in 0.99 cent price point.

5.    Order and Review
Some stores will require you to order one of your own eBooks so that you can sign-off that you are happy with the entire process as well as the final product. If you are then you will need to authorize distribution.

6.    eBook Distribution
Your eBook will be distributed to designated online stores.  Check out which online stores they do not send your eBook to so that you can go direct to the store and submit your eBook.

Additional Requirements:

  • Add you preferred method of payment
  • List author details
  • Create an author page
  • Add an ISBN
  • Select what stores you want your eBook sent to
  • Select if you wish to have your eBook sold in the distributor’s online store
  • Select if you want DRM
  • Select if you wish to give away free chapters
  • Select categories for your eBook

What You Must Do Next:

7.    Promote Your eBook – Get Reviews for Your eBook.
You will need to promote and drive people to buy your eBook. These distribution sites will do little to assist in the marketing of your eBook. They simply get your eBook into the store for sale. Try to encourage your happy readers to write and post reviews for your eBook.

8.    Customers Buy Your eBook
When someone buys your eBook, the payment and distribution will all be handled automatically by that particular stores’ payment system. Make sure your bank account details are correct.

9.    Author Royalties
You get paid your royalties monthly or in a period clearly defined by each store. All top sites will pay you via PayPal or pay you directly into your designated bank account. Avoid sites that still want to pay you by cheque, make you reach a high minimum before payout (e.g. $100), or are only willing to pay you every 3, 6 or 12 months.

As a non-U.S citizen you may have to accept a cheque from Amazon if this is the only option you have.