The Success of Your eBook is Up to You


The Success of Your eBook is Up to You!

I wish that I could get every ‘wanna-be’ author to read this article before they even start writing. It would save them a lot of time and heartache if they did. This article was inspired by reading posts by authors in several of the most popular online forums and communities.

There was a common pattern of thought among those self-published authors who had failed to sell their eBook. They passed the blame to others or lacked the drive to promote their eBook!

If you want to succeed as a self-published author you must:

  • Have lots of energy
  • Express your creativity
  • Commit to marketing and promotion (pre and post publication)
  • Accept that it is up to you to self-promote
  • Accept that you have a lot of competition out there
  • Be passionate about writing and are not only in it for the money
  • Acknowledge that you will not become an overnight success despite the stories you read online
  • Be prepared for the long-haul
  • Accept that self-publishing is a business beyond just writing
  • Not blame others for your lack of success
  • Be persistent with marketing, promotion and building your platform.

Your eBook Success Is Up to You So Take Ownership from the Start!

When talking to and working with new clients who have struggled with sales; the first task I conduct is to look at what they have done in terms of marketing and promotion. Often this is where the problem lies. The first step is to provide the information and tools to succeed as a self-published author. The second step is to get a plan of action together. The third step is to get the author to be accountable for their own success.

Understandably, by the time most authors have finished writing their eBook they are fatigued and have little motivation to continue on to the next step of marketing. Some have expressed that they just want to write and have no interest in promoting their eBook.

This is why I stated at the beginning of this article that I wish I could get every writer and author to read this article so they knew that if they did not have the time and energy to promote their eBook then maybe they should re-consider putting in all the hours to write it!

eBook distributors will get your eBooks into the stores. The same with publishers. But often that is where their help stops. You must drive traffic and buyers to your eBook sales page. Publishers are less willing to devote resources to eBook marketing unless you are a proven author with a significant following. They now expect you to take on the task of marketing.

If you are struggling to find the motivation to take on the marketing challenge then have a few weeks off and then re-evaluate your goals. You will find that your motivation will kick in when you do start to experience a surge in sales. This will give you the confidence to get back on track and invest more time and energy into your marketing campaign.

And remember – our Author Academy is designed to help you. We can show you how to sell eBooks. It is up to you to action these tips and advice!

We look forward to adding your personal journey from unknown first-time author to a top-selling author to our section on ‘success stories!’