9 Tips to Successfully to Self-publishing a Book

9 Tips to Successfully to Self-publishing a Book

Self-publishing a book is now more achievable than any other time in history. But before self-publishing became mainstream, the only real option to get your manuscript published was in book form. This was when writers and authors were at the complete mercy of publishers.

eBookAuthor.com is specifically dedicated to eBooks. However; we are also fans of books and recommend that our authors pursue the opportunity to sell both eBooks and books.

Although the exact number of just how many self-published eBooks and books are published each year is unknown (Amazon does not make all sales data public), the numbers have been reported to be well in excess of 700,000. This makes it increasingly difficult to become a successful author. That is unless you know how to put yourself one-step ahead of all your competitors.

Here are 9 tips on staying ahead of the competition as a self-published author when it comes to selling more books. And yes, you will find that many of these tips apply to both eBooks and books.

1. Your Book Requires Editing
Readers will know when your book has not been edited. From personal experience I can tell you that I thought that my first crime fiction eBook did not require editing. How wrong I was! The first review I received on Amazon was from a reader who stated they enjoyed the unique characters, plot and story-line but made reference to how the eBook had not been edited.

Since then, every eBook or book I have been involved in has gone through an editing process. eBooks can be easily changed and re-uploaded. Books, once printed, cannot be changed so make sure you source a professional editor before entering the printing stage.

2. Self-publishing a Book is Not as Easy as Everyone Tells You
Writing and getting your eBook distributed to an online store is not difficult. The problem is that self-publishing a book involves so much more if you wish to succeed as an author.

Take a look at all the departments in our Author Academy that need addressing and you will quickly see just how much is involved in self-publishing an eBook. Now, try and successfully self-publish a book and you will be faced with many more challenges.

3. Pre-publication Marketing is Essential
The success of your book will depend on how well you can convince your target audience to buy it. One essential component of your marketing plan is to conduct a pre-publication marketing campaign that strives to build excitement and anticipation for the release of your book.

Use various platforms from social media to your author website to generate this excitement. It is all about increasing the visibility of your eBook and letting people know when it will become available. If you can ‘pre-sell’ this excitement then you will find readers pre-ordering your eBook on Amazon.

4. You Have to Promote Your Book.
Our eBook Marketing Department provides you with numerous articles and tips to help you successfully promote your eBook. Many of these tips also apply to promoting your book. You must acknowledge that if you fail to promote your book directly to your target audience then you will be unlikely to sell any copies.

5. Price Your Book to Sell and to Also Establish Credibility
For many readers, a cheap book can be viewed as a book that is priced because it is not really worth reading. You must identify the right price for your book that sends the right message to the potential customer. You also want to make money from your book so selling it for a low price will not provide the desired financial return for all your time and effort.

6. The More Books You Write the Greater Your Chance of Success
From over ten years being involved in the eBook and book publishing industry I have learned that one-time authors often achieve less success than those who write multiple books (and eBooks). If you read the success stories of self-published authors you will often find that their first book was not the one that became a best-seller.

7. Your Cover Must Sell Your Book
Just as editing is vital to the success of your book so is getting a professional book cover that assists in convincing the viewer to take the next step and buy your book

8. Being a Successful eBook Author Can Give You the Help You Require to Become a Successful Book Author
With millions of books being published there is only a very select few that will make it to the book shelf of your local book store. You can choose to walk around and try and convince each store owner to display your book.

This may result in a few sales if they do decide to help you out. Ultimately, you must already be a proven and successful author to get your book on a shop’s book shelf.

9. Don’t Limit the Availability of Your Book
Many authors will state how they achieved success by using Amazon’s KDP select program.

However, this is not for everyone as when you read the terms of this program you will find that you are committing solely to Amazon and thus decreasing the visibility of your book as other stores cannot sell it. Consider all options when distributing your book. Amazon’s KDP select program has many benefits but it also has many negatives.