Survey Shows Authors How Readers Discover Books

Survey Shows Authors How Readers Discover Books

When you know how readers discover books then you have the knowledge to create and implement a more targeted marketing strategy.

Increasing your visibility on each of these discovery channels will be a great first step to making sure you and your eBooks (books) get noticed. The data from this survey applies to both eBooks and books.

Goodreads Survey
The following results have come courtesy of the Goodreads Survey on how readers discover books. Just to show how powerful a platform and community Goodreads is; there were over 200,000 readers have participated so far in voting and the poll is still ongoing as of this date.

Yes, these readers represent all categories so the ‘category specific’ results are not represented and as we know readers from each category find eBooks and books through different channels. However; this is still a great guide for overall book discovery.

The Results?
I have copied in the results from Goodreads as you can see by this graphic.

Goodreads Poll
What Do these Results Tell Us?
The results do not provide any new discovery channel that we did not already know about. The results just helped to re-enforce how readers discover books across all genres. As an author you can use this information to help create a targeted strategy. This strategy should also include specific discovery channels and avenues for your selected category.

Recommendations from friends and family still carry a lot of weight when it comes to discovery. Why? Readers will have greater trust in a recommendation from someone they know rather than from a store or unknown person.

Obviously Goodreads’ featured highly in the results as expected. The notable point was that many readers still like to visit bookstores where they discover new books by browsing the shelves. I must say that although there has been a noticeable reduction in the major book stores in my local area I still enjoy the occasional visit to bookstore.

With Amazon ranking quite high it shows the importance of learning how to get your book noticed on Amazon. This includes producing a powerful title, attention-grabbing eBook cover, compelling description, powerful tags, a professional author profile and obtaining convincing reviews.

What You Should Do:

  • Identify exactly who it is that would want to buy your book.
  • Identify the top 5 locations where they discover books (may not be included in this list).
  • Craft and create a strategy on how you will get noticed on each platform.
  • Aim to engage and connect with your audience.
  • Drive your audience to learn more about you and visit your website or blog.
  • Then you can sell through carefully designed posts and sales copy!

As they say with lotto; ‘You’ve got to be in it to win it!’ The same applies to eBook marketing in that if you want to sell more eBooks and make money you must join the marketing game and connect with your audience. If you think they will come rushing to you then you will learn the hard reality of why most self-published authors fail.