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How to Write a Blog Post People Will Read

One of the most common blogging mistakes I come across when working as a Digital Strategist is that companies focus too much on ‘quantity’ and not enough on ‘quality.’ That is, they think that the more posts they write

7 Ways to Optimise Your Author Blog Post for Google

As writers and authors we want people to read what we write. In order to get our material in front of our potential viewers we must first capture their attention in the search engines. Are you struggling to optimise your blog

What Makes a Great Blog for an eBook Author?

Have you ever wondered why some blogs become very successful and others seem to attract very few readers? Maybe it’s because there are hundreds of millions of blogs on the internet. Some blogs are poorly maintained

Your Author Blog – Ten Reasons Why You Cannot Get Anyone...

Authors love blogs. Readers love blogs. Blogs are a powerful tool in the online world and those bloggers who have an 'influence' over a specific target audience are making a lot of money. Amanda Hocking was able to

How to Generate Traffic to Your Author Blog

Join and promote your blog on Twitter with the goal of obtaining new subscribers every day. Comment on other blogs in your niche with informative responses. Submit your author blog to 'Blogged' and have it rated

35 Blog Topics for a Self-Published Author

There are many authors who will tell you that their blog is their greatest tool to connect and engage their readers. There are also many best-selling authors who will tell you that they achieved success by partnering

10 Author Blog Killers that Will Guarantee You Lose Traffic

I started my first blog back in 2004 before it was considered an effective marketing tool for authors. Back then, blogs were considered little more than a way to express your personal views. I used my blog in

Create an Eye-Catching Headline for Your Article, Blog or Online Post

Headline for Your Article, Blog or Online Post Template Goal: Below you will find various formats for headlines. Below each section you will be able to...

Try this Free Tool to Instantly Generate Topics for Your Author...

If you are searching for some interesting blog topics or headlines then you should visit Hubspot and check out their free Blog Topic Generator. If you are a prolific blogger with a knack for being able to create blog

How to Write Blog Headlines – Create a Powerful Headline for...

How to Write Blog Headlines - Create a Powerful Headline for Your Blog In order to convert viewers into buying customers you must grab the...