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The Personal Branding Process for eBook Authors

Self-publishing requires you to take on all aspects of producing a top selling eBook. One key component is 'understanding' how personal branding can help you reach that goal. Personal branding is how you

Why Every Author Needs a Media Kit

A key component to promoting yourself as a respected author is to have your own media kit. One reason you will want to have this ready is for when you start your marketing campaign and approaching journalists to do a story

Author Marketing – Why is it Difficult for Authors to Get...

Author Marketing. Are you struggling to get your message out? Are you struggling to engage and connect with your readers? Are you trying to stand out in a crowded marketplace of thousands of authors

Why Trying to Connect with Every Reader is Time Wasted

There has never been a better time to be a writer than today. You no longer have to deal with publishers telling you that your eBook is not worth publishing. You can publish your eBook directly via Amazon's KDP program

How New Authors on Twitter Can Build a List of Quality...

I often hear conflicting views from authors with regards to the benefit of using Twitter. Those that understand how to best use Twitter to connect with their audience generally report that they believe Twitter is a great

25 Actions to Get Noticed by Your Ideal Readers

When you rely on your ideal readers to find your eBook on an online store then you are going to fail in selling your eBook. There are some exceptions, but this is rare. With millions of eBooks being listed on Amazon

The Quickest Way to Grow Your Audience of Readers is to….

What is the quickest way to grow your audience of readers? This question was raised by an author who wasn't sure if they were reaching all of the readers in their target audience. Your goal is to make sure that

What is the Goodreads Giveaway Program?

Goodreads (owned by Amazon) is the world's biggest online community for both authors and the readers of eBooks and books. I have documented in various posts how you can use Goodreads to help you connect with

Goodreads Ask the Author – Connecting Readers and Authors

Amazon's reading and book social media site 'Goodreads' has just announced on their blog that they have added a feature that allows users to directly interact with their favorite authors via a new feature If you are just starting out in writing, or a seasoned author, you will want to make sure you join Goodreads. Goodreads which was been acquired by Amazon is

About Author Website Page – 4 Essential Elements to Sell Yourself

If you have your own author website, or have your own author profile page on a self-publishing community, then you need to treat your 'About Author Website Page' as a way to sell yourself and establish trust with your readers