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What Type of eBook Wins a Writing Competition?

There are an ever-increasing number of Awards and competitions popping up on the internet for eBook authors to enter. Some are by reputable organizations and others are by small time websites or publishers trying

Webinars for Authors – Build Your Author Platform

Webinars for Authors. Communicating with your audience has changed from the static text messages to the more interactive forms of video and audio due to the increasing speed of the internet. A webinar

Author Marketing and Your Author Brand

Author Marketing and Your Author Brand. You may be building your brand without realizing it. People will come to recognize you and what you stand for by what you write in your eBook, the articles you produce and even

What Authors Should You Talk About with Their Readers

Public speaking is not for everyone. If you just do not like speaking in front of people then you shouldn’t feel obligated to do so. If you are choosing 'not' to because you will be a little nervous or lazy, then you are missing

How Can Writing an eBook Build Your Personal Brand?

For many years online marketers and entrepreneurs have written and used eBooks for the sole purpose of self-promotion and building their personal brand within their field. It was this use of eBooks that I believe

Build Your Author Profile by Helping Out Fellow Authors

This is a case of 'give and you shall receive.' Give help first by helping others and in return you will also receive help to build your author profile. This is one technique that will raise a few eyebrows but it does work. One

Author Branding – 3 Reasons Why It’s so Important

When You Receive Publicity, Your eBook Receives Publicity! The more you work on your brand the more opportunities will open up for future media appearances. You Are the Face of Your Own Brand and Self-publishing Business

How to Build a Strong Author Brand that Delivers Results

What's Your Author Brand? Creating a memorable and powerful brand is essential if you are an author. You may already have started to develop your own brand without actually realising it. If you have written multiple eBooks

How to Prepare for an Upcoming Interview About Your eBook

If you have received the opportunity to be interviewed then you must prepare well in advance. How you perform could determine future sales of your eBook. If you stumble your way through and struggle to

Preparing to Host Your First Interview as a Published Author

Interviewing someone can be a great way to generate quality traffic to your blog or author website. If you post your interview to YouTube you will also increase your online visibility to your target audience. Below are 25