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Your eBook Author Platform – What is it and Why Do...

When I wrote my first eBook, I remember seeing this term 'author platform' online but I never understood what it was or why it was important to me. When someone talks about your 'author platform' they are referring to your

The Right Way for Authors to Use Social Media

The most successful social media and networking sites for authors are those that provide an open professional community where people can meet, connect, network and gain the information they want. Authors are finding

Start a Newsletter and Build Your List

Email newsletter publishing has been at the top of the list for most of the successful internet marketers I have known in the past ten years. Newsletters are an eBook marketing tool that you can add to your author website

Twitter Revolution for Authors – ‘Tweet’ Updates to Your Followers

Twitter is a site where you can post real time updates and messages to your followers. Twitter is free and easy to join. Find an appropriate twitter name and 'tweet' relevant and informative posts. It took me a

How Well Do You Know the Target Audience for Your eBook?

If you can answer this question with confidence and clear documentation of your ideal customer then you have satisfied the research component. If not, then you will need to complete more research as this section