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Ultimate eBook Creator

How to Create an eBook Cover Using Ultimate eBook Creator Many people have a dream of being an author and wonder how to go about...

Design eBook Covers That Sell

1. Your Cover Should Represent Your eBook’s Topic. Select a picture or graphic that represents your eBook’s content or storyline. For my eBooks on ‘tennis coaching’ I used a photo of a tennis player

5 Key Elements to Producing an Attention Grabbing eBook Cover

I had one client who was struggling to sell her eBooks. I asked her to send though a copy so that I could review all the major aspects to see where she was falling short. As soon as I opened the email I saw the problem

Kindle Cover – How to Use the Kindle Cover Creator

If you don't have a Kindle cover for your book, you can use KDP's Cover Creator to make one based on an image you provide or a selection from our gallery of stock images. Customize your cover with a variety of

eBook Covers – People Will Judge Your eBook by its Cover!

eBook Covers Creating attention-grabbing eBook covers is such a vital element when it comes to the success of your eBook and self-publishing career.  You know yourself...