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eBook Creation – 6 Tools Used for Creating eBooks

I have listed five popular eBook creation tools. Each creation tool has similarities as well as some distinct difference so please read their terms carefully. Be aware of any exclusivity requirements that are being made

eBook Keywords – How to Increase Your eBook Sales

eBook Keywords are one important search component that helps readers find your eBooks in online stores. Keywords are a really good way to increase your eBook’s position in marketplace. As an Indie author you must

How to Format an eBook using Microsoft Word

'How do I format my eBook using Microsoft Word' is a common question most first time authors have. Essentially you can either pay for a service provider to format your eBooks or you can do it yourself. Some eBook

Self-Publishing Services – 9 Questions Every Indie Author Must Ask

When starting out with your plan to write an eBook you will not know where to start which is why you may think that a self-publishing service is the easy way to go. I am always finding new self-publishing

Submitting Your eBook to an eBook Distributor

The Requirements for Submitting Your eBook to an eBook Distributor Are Before uploading your eBook with a distribution provider make sure you have the following...

eBook Categories – 150 Categories for Your eBook

Selecting the best, most appropriate and most relevant category or genre for your eBook is essential to your success. If you select the wrong category, then it could result in you missing the mark in connecting wit

How To Get Your eBooks into the eBook Stores

So you are thinking about self-publishing an eBook and are wondering how you get your eBooks into the online stores? Well, it is very easy to do and you have several options as outlined below. There are many online

How To Create and Publish Your eBooks in iBookstore

With so many people reading eBooks (iBooks) on the iPad you will want to make sure your eBooks are available through the iBookstore. There are already eBook distributors (such as Smashwords) that will distribute your

Do Your Due Diligence on eBook Distribution Services Before You Sign

There are a number of eBook distribution services and social media groups that promote their ability to provide authors with a 'ready-to-go' audience so they can start selling their eBooks immediately. We are 'champions'

What is Smashwords Direct

Smashwords Direct allows you to upload your own professionally designed .epub file to Smashwords. You can use Smashwords Direct to replace a Smashwords Meatgrinder-generated .epub with your own EPUB file
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