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5 Simple eBook Marketing Tips That Can Pack a Big Punch!

It can often be the very simple promotional or eBook marketing techniques that can b ring about the biggest results. Don't neglect these following four techniques as they could make the difference to selling more eBooks

Is Your Social Media Campaign Working?

Is Your Social Media Campaign is Working? This post has come about because of a question posed by an author during a recent conversation. This author was unsure if all the hard work they were putting into regularly

6 Post-publication eBook Marketing Ideas to Kick Start Your eBook Sales

If you want to keep selling your eBooks you must continue with both author marketing and eBook promotion well after excitement fades post publication. If you sit back once you have distributed your eBook to

How to Get to Know Your Target Readers Better in 2019

If you do not know who your ideal readers are then you will find it very difficult to promote and sell your eBooks. The time to identify exactly who would want to buy your eBook is right now! In fact, the time to

50 eBook Marketing Questions for Self-Published Authors

Did you know that the greatest barrier to your success as a self-published author is not being able to get your eBook in front of your target audience or being able to successfully market and promote your eBook

The Personal Branding Process for eBook Authors

Self-publishing requires you to take on all aspects of producing a top selling eBook. One key component is 'understanding' how personal branding can help you reach that goal. Personal branding is how you

What Your Readers Want is Essential to Selling More eBooks

When you know who your ideal readers are and what they want then you have taken a big step forward to selling more eBooks. Quite simply, if you can write and publish an eBook that your readers want then

Four Powerful Ways to Find New Readers in Your Target Audience

As a self-published author one of your first jobs is to find and connect with your target audience. Once you have clearly defined and identified those readers who will buy your eBook then you need to decide how

How Can You Build a List of Loyal Readers from Your...

In order to build your lists you need to provide an incentive for your viewer to give up their personal details. There are certain characteristics that make a 'bonus product' or 'incentive' attractive to the viewer

How to Launch Your eBook

There are many views and thoughts on how to launch a new eBook. So rather than gathering and summarising other people’s views I have put together a list of tips that have worked for our clients.