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eBook Creation – 6 Tools Used for Creating eBooks

I have listed five popular eBook creation tools. Each creation tool has similarities as well as some distinct difference so please read their terms carefully. Be aware of any exclusivity requirements that are being made

KDP Tools and Resources – Kindle Publishing for Authors

KDP Tools and Resources. Here are some Kindle Publishing resources that you may just find helpful in writing, creating and publishing your eBook to KDP. All of the information below can be found on the Kindle Tools

Self-Publishing Services – 9 Questions Every Indie Author Must Ask

When starting out with your plan to write an eBook you will not know where to start which is why you may think that a self-publishing service is the easy way to go. I am always finding new self-publishing

Mark Coker – the Future of eBook Publishing for Indie Authors

Smashwords Founder Mark Coker had provided some candid views on the current state of eBook publishing as well as what direction he sees the eBook publishing industry taking for independent authors

Google’s Keyword Planner – Select The Best Keywords for Your eBook

Keywords are used by the search engines to find the best answer for someone's search query. If you type into Google the question; 'Who won Wimbledon in 2013?' then Google will search through millions of

Why Your Blurb Must Sell Your eBook

I often like to check out the eBooks of our new members and get a feel as to why they have yet to experience success. Due to time commitments, I am unable provide individual feedback on eBooks as I once was

eBook Categories – 150 Categories for Your eBook

Selecting the best, most appropriate and most relevant category or genre for your eBook is essential to your success. If you select the wrong category, then it could result in you missing the mark in connecting wit

The Secrets to eBook Publishing Success – How to Reach More...

The Secrets to eBook Publishing Success - How to Reach More Readers with Your Words by Smashwords Founder Mark Coker The Secrets to eBook Publishing...

Best Place to Sell eBooks Online

Amazon is still the leading seller of eBooks. If you want to reach a mass market and potentially sell a lot of eBooks you have little choice at the moment but to make sure you sell your eBook at Amazon. When

eBook Distribution for Self-Published Authors

eBook distribution for self-published authors is always a moving target as new online stores come a long just as quickly as once popular sites close down. It is vital that you stay up-to-date with what is going on as it may
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