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Is It Possible to Make a Living Just Writing eBooks?

Here’s a question often posed by first-time authors: “Is it possible to make a living just writing eBooks?” And my honest answer is, “it depends on several factors.” If you write and publish an eBook but fail to follow through

Why Your Review Request Emails to eBook Bloggers Get No Response

Author Question: Hi David, I like the idea about connecting with eBook bloggers so they can talk about my eBook. I have identified what I believe are the top 20 bloggers for my category but the problem I am having

How to Monetize Your Back-List of eBooks

One author posted the comment to an article I wrote on 'monetizing back-lists' that it was his 9th eBook that eventually became a best-seller. He made the point that once his name was recognised and his 9th eBook hit the

How to Provide Great Customer Service from Your Website

If you are selling your eBooks directly from your website then providing great customer service will go a long way in retaining your customers and getting them coming back to buy from you again in the future

Seven Habits of Highly Successful Affiliates to Make More Money

Are you about to sell other people’s products? Then understanding what it takes to become a successful affiliate marketer will help give you a head start in making additional income from affiliate products.

12 Components to Starting Your Own Self-Publishing Business

If you plan on writing multiple eBooks or starting your own self-publishing empire then you need to have a business plan and consider the following. This is the first post in a series of six that provides you

Leverage Your Content to Create Additional Products

Leverage is defined as using 'something' to maximum advantage. As an author, you can leverage an influencer's lists to your advantage by getting your eBook right in front of your target audience. Amanda Hocking often