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Should I Self-publish an AudioBook?

Audiobooks are incredibly popular at the moment according to the 2017 APA (Audio Publishers Association) consumer survey completed by Edison Research. This survey showed that more than 67 million people in the U.S.

7 Principles to Become a Successful Self-Published eBook Author

What is often neglected by authors who fail to succeed are some of the most basic principles in becoming a successful self-published eBook author. In this article I have made reference to some basic, yet necessary, principles that

Self-publishing an eBook – Questions Every Writer Must Ask

The incredibly high volume of eBooks being self-published each year shows just how many people have the desire to write. While the advent of self-publishing has provided every writer to become a self-published author

The Success of Your eBook is Up to You

I wish that I could get every 'wanna-be' author to read this article before they even start writing. It would save them a lot of time and heartache if they did. This article was inspired by reading posts by authors in

18 Truisms About eBooks

eBooks are changing the way we read and there is good reason for that. In fact, here are 18 reasons why becoming and ebook author is a great opportunity for any writer who wishes to have their work published

35 Blog Topics for a Self-Published Author

There are many authors who will tell you that their blog is their greatest tool to connect and engage their readers. There are also many best-selling authors who will tell you that they achieved success by partnering

9 Tips to Successfully to Self-publishing a Book

Before eBooks and self-publishing became mainstream, the only real option to get your manuscript published was in book form. This was when writers and authors were at the complete mercy of publishers

How To Use Google Alerts for Authors

I have been using Google Alerts for many years now to track what is being said about topics of interest to me, my eBooks, my name and various other topics I wish to stay on top of. When you sign-up to Google Alerts

Literary Awards for Self-published Authors

Literary Awards for Self-published Authors Some Literary Awards still refuse to recognize the achievements of self-published authors. When self-published eBooks are hitting the best-seller lists...

Don’t Be Surprised By these 10 Things When Self-publishing

Don't Be Surprised By these 10 Things When Self-publishing Are you about to embark on a journey in self-publishing your eBook? Our Academy strives to...