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The Deadly Sins of Selling an eBook Every Author Must Avoid

Are you pushing the sales of your eBook too hard? Are you saying the wrong thing without knowing it? Can you actually be talking your readers out of buying your eBook? If you come across as a pushy salesman

Keyword Tools to Find Out How Your Competitors’ Sell eBooks

Early on in my writing career I realized that as a self-published author it was highly recommended to learn from those who have experienced success and to try to create a similar plan for how they went about. You should

Discover a Proven Way to Increase Your eBook Sales

If you wish to sell more eBooks, one of the most successful and proven methods used by authors is to write more eBooks! The best-selling authors are prolific writers and have documented how they didn't always

How Commenting on Social Media Can Help You Sell More eBooks

If you want to sell more eBooks you must find your audience and then engage them in a number of ways to you increase your visibility. One such way to connect is being active in commenting on social media channels

Why Your eBook Blurb Must Sell

I often like to check out the eBooks of our new members and get a feel as to why they have yet to experience success. Due to time commitments, I am unable provide individual feedback on eBooks as I once was

Can eBook Discoverability Tools Help You Sell More eBooks?

As more eBooks flood online stores, the big issue confronting authors (and publishers) is 'eBook Discoverability.' No matter how good your eBook is, or how much you believe it could be a best-seller, if no-one can

How to Sell More eBooks During the Holiday Season

The holiday season often sees a spike in the sale of books and eBooks as people gift these items. This is a great opportunity for you to capitalize on this trend and to get your eBooks in front of your audience

How AIDA and Social Media Helped Me to Sell More eBooks

I often speak about how authors should use social media to engage and connect with their audience and not to try and sell directly. Ultimately your end goal is to sell more eBooks and social media is one tool to help

Six Key Tips to Selling a Product or Service Online

Selling your eBooks to a global audience is now a very real prospect thanks to the power of the internet. The problem is that you are competing with millions of people selling products online and only a few will succeed

4 Powerful ‘Call to Action’ Tips to Increase eBook Sales Conversions

Increase eBook Sales Conversions Any copy writer will tell you that one of the most vital components in a sales copy is your 'call to...