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Why Authors Must Stop Playing Hard to Find

Our Author Academy is dedicated to empowering you with the knowledge to become a successful author who sells more eBooks. But why do some authors make it difficult to be found online? As an author, obscurity

Social Media Outpost Channels for Authors

I have already talked about how to identify your target audience and where to find them. Now I want to discuss social media outposts for authors. A social media outpost is a common term used online which is

Which is the Best Social Media Channel to Sell Books?

This is a very common question but the answer is not so simple purely because it will depend on where the target audience for your eBook hangs out online. It is vital you select your social media channels very carefully

Use Social Media for Author Brand Awareness

Over the years I have found that some authors and also publishers are trying to use social media as their prime sales tool for selling eBooks. Social media should be a part of every online marketing campaign. However, to rely

You Will Never Own Your Author Social Media Platform

When it comes to your social media networks you must understand and accept that you don’t own that account, network, user name or platform! You really only 'borrow' your username or page for as long

How New Authors on Twitter Can Build a List of Quality...

I often hear conflicting views from authors with regards to the benefit of using Twitter. Those that understand how to best use Twitter to connect with their audience generally report that they believe Twitter is a great

Social Media Marketing Trends for Authors

Social media marketing for authors is constantly evolving and as a result you must stay on top of what is working and what is no longer helping you to: 1. Connect, engage and build a relationship with your ideal readers

How Commenting on Social Media Can Help You Sell More eBooks

If you want to sell more eBooks you must find your audience and then engage them in a number of ways to you increase your visibility. One such way to connect is being active in commenting on social media channels

Facebook Marketing for eBooks

Are you familiar with using Facebook for personal reasons and looking at using it for promoting your eBook? Well if you are comfortable with Facebook then why not. Facebook is not for every author but

eBook Marketing on Reddit – How it Can Help You Sell...

The ever-growing list of social media sites can be overwhelming to an author trying to decide which site deserves their time and effort. The main platforms that continue to deliver a benefit to authors trying to connect