Your Author Blog – Ten Reasons Why You Cannot Get Anyone to Read it

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Your Author Blog – Ten Reasons Why You Cannot Get Anyone to Read it

Authors love blogs. Readers love blogs. Blogs are a powerful tool in the online world and those bloggers who have an ‘influence’ over a specific target audience are making a lot of money. Amanda Hocking was able to get her eBooks in front of her ideal readers by getting influential bloggers to talk about her eBook.

As a result of ‘leveraging’ the power of bloggers she has since made millions of dollars self-publishing her eBooks. But what makes a great blog? Well I have written numerous articles in our Academy about what makes a great blog. What is equally important to address is what makes a blog fail? Why is nobody reading your blog? Here are some reasons why.

As an author, a blog should be one platform you would want to strongly consider as a part of your online marketing campaign. Turning a blog into a successful blog that has a significant following takes time.

It will not happen overnight which why I always advise ‘unpublished’ authors to get started with their blog well before they have even published their eBook.

A successful author blog requires an understanding of your audience and providing them with what they want. The blog must show value. It must be specific and relevant to the topic. It requires the blogger to present this information in a professional way.

Here Are Ten Reasons Why You Cannot Get Anyone to Read Your Author Blog:

1. Your Content is Weak and Uninspiring
Boring, uninspiring and repetitive content that provides little benefit to the reader is one of the biggest reasons why someone stops reading a blog and to never return!
Your content must be:

  • Unique
  • Informative
  • Entertaining
  • Inspiring
  • Captures the reader’s attention
  • Engages the reader
  • Is fresh and up to date
  • Forces the reader to return the next day
  • Honest and appealing
  • Free from constant self-promotion
  • Target the interest of the reading audience

2. Your Blog Looks Amateurish and Lacks Quality Design

  • Your logo does not look good
  • The website colors do not match the content
  • Your fonts are difficult to read
  • The text is too big or too small
  • It is ‘virtually’ not stimulating
  • It is cluttered with advertisements
  • It is uninspiring
  • You do not have any free content

3. Your Blog is all About YOU!
So unless you are a famous movie star, athlete or music star most people will not be that interested in you and your life. Readers do enjoy learning more about authors; however, they do not want to just continually read articles about you.

That is what the ‘About Author’ page is for. Viewers will love your blog if you can solve their problem, answer their questions, provide them with unique information or provide entertainment and enjoyment for the chosen topic.

4. Your Blog is Not Believable
A bit of modesty and humility goes a long way. Some of the most successful author blogs I read contain content about the mistakes and flaws the author has experienced. This can also include the struggles they have had and outlining how little money they made when they first started.

They do not try to ‘oversell’ themselves or their eBooks. Readers are very smart and intuitive people who will see through the big words and self-promotion techniques often used.

5. You Have Too Many Advertisements
There are many online success stories from bloggers about how they make money from their blog. One way is through advertising. Whether it is Google AdWords or direct advertising. There is a skill to strategically placing ads on a page.

They are blended into the page without being too overpowering and ‘in your face.’ Viewers understand people need to make money online so they are willing to accept advertising. they just have too many options out there to continue visiting a blog that bombards them constantly with ads.

6. Your Blog is Not Mobile Responsive
How many people do you know that does not have a mobile device? Likely to be very few, unless you live in a third world country. Therefore your blog must fit to the screen of mobile devices. In other words it must be responsive in design.

It is impossible to read blog content on your mobile device when it does not fit the screen. It is a frustrating task constantly zooming in and out so you can read the content.

7. You Do Not Know Your Audience or Who Would Want to Read Your Blog
If you have not completed your research on who would want to read your blog then you do not know your audience. If you do not know your audience then it will be more difficult to write content that is of direct interest to them.

8. You are Not Consistently Posting Fresh Content
How do you expect your readers to visit your blog every day or week if you do not post fresh content? Once they have read all your content then there is no need to return. Once your readers understand how often you post new content then they will accept that and return to your blog at these times.

If you post a new article every week then you can start to expect your readers to only visit once a week. Posting daily may get them to visit every day.

9. Your Blog is Not Interactive and there is No Sense of Community
One of the key aspects of blogging is building a community. A community gets people involved. A community makes people feel a part of something. A community keeps your blog alive! How do you make your blog interactive?

  • Add a comment section
  • Add social media ‘share’ buttons
  • Add a forum
  • Add a community plugin
  • Invite readers to contribute content
  • Add member profiles

10. Nobody Knows About You or Your Blog
A sobering thought is knowing that there are millions of blogs on the internet.  I don’t know exactly how many blogs there are as it would change by the minute.

I did recently read some research claiming that there was over 150 million blogs online. No imagine if you were standing in the middle of 100 million people and were trying to get noticed. That is a bit how it is in getting your blog noticed online.

Of course you would break down this number to categories and then sub-categories. Like your eBook, if no-one knows about your blog then it won’t do you much good. Trust me, there are best-selling eBooks out there in stores that do not sell simply because authors do not know how to promote their eBooks and get them in front of their target audience.

If you wish to learn how to promote your blog and create a blog that achieves your desired results then there are plenty of articles on this specific topic in our Academy.

My Advice?
Learn all of the key components to producing a successful blog that attracts your target audience. A successful blog is more than just what you write. It has to do with the design, colors used, banners and logos, your content, not bombarding visitors with advertisements, building a community and so much more.

So put on your ‘promoter’s gloves and get cracking at addressing these issues before writing your next post.