The Reader Wants to Know – What’s in it for Me?

Write an eBook the reader wants

The Reader Wants to Know – What’s in it for Me?

How will your eBook benefit the reader? Readers want to know how your eBook will help them solve a problem.

This is where you will want to brainstorm and document as many of the identified unique benefits of your eBook. Now, this mostly applies to educational or informational eBooks. You will want to emphasize these unique or ‘problem solving’ benefits that your targeted customers will find the most beneficial in your sales copy.

What is it that Sets Your eBook Apart From All the Other eBooks That Have Already Been Written on This Topic?

In other words, what is your unique selling point? What is the message you want your customers to receive about your eBook? Your marketing plan is all about communicating this unique selling point and message to your customers.

Satisfy Your Customers Need or Want!

Most people surfing the internet are looking for information to answer a specific question or need. As a result they are also looking to pay money for this information if need be.

People Will Generally Purchase Your eBook for One of Three Basic Reasons:
1.     To solve problems.
2.     To satisfy basic needs.
3.     To make themselves feel good.

Your next step is to determine which of these three categories your eBook fits into or provides a solution to. Your eBook may fit into more than one category.

If your eBook is about ‘How to Build a Dog Kennel’ then you will be solving someone’s problem by showing them how to build a kennel for their dog. If you write an eBook about ‘How to Lose Weight’ then you will be helping some to make themselves feel better. Your eBook may fit into more than one category.

Identifying how your eBook will satisfy your customer will further help you to create a targeted and effective marketing strategy.

The best marketing strategy for your eBook will depend on the type of book you have written. For example; is it an informational eBook or a novel?

It will also depend on your target audience, your budget and time constraints, and your marketing knowledge.
When a reader searches for information on the internet, a new book, eBook or service they will ultimately be deciding if what is being offered is what they really want or need.

If a Reader is Going to Pay for Your eBook They Want to Know What They Will Get in Return:

  • Will they get pleasure from reading your eBook?
  • Will they learn something new?
  • Will they learn techniques to make more money?
  • Will they learn tips to look younger?
  • Will what you have to offer solve their problem?

Therefore, there are some essential points you need to know when it comes to writing your sales page. You need to be able to answer the ‘what’s in it for me’ question.

Detail the benefits of your eBook to them personally. You need to be able to tell the customer why they should buy the product. Ask yourself what your own experiences are when it comes to what you get out of reading.

Get Their Attention!

Many expert advertisement writers and copywriters use a model called ‘AIDA’ to gauge the effectiveness of the ads they’re writing. AIDA is an acronym used in marketing that describes a common list of events that is followed when a person is selling a product or service.

I have added an ‘S’ to this model, as others also do, to include ‘Satisfaction’ (now AIDAS). If your eBook advertisement ticks the ‘AIDAS’ boxes then you will increase your chances of making the sale.

AIDAS stands for:
A – Attention and Awareness
I – Interest
D – Desire
A – Action
S – Satisfaction